Bath Bombs / Bath Fizzies Instructions

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Ahhh, relax, lay back and allow the lovely bubbles to fill your bath from your own hand made Bath Bombs 

Whether you create some bathing bliss for yourself, your friends or set up a business (within 1 hour) with your new skills you can be assured of the quality & integrity of your products. 

Using the Renascent bath & Body Bath Bombs/Fizzies kit or supplies it is remarkably easy to create your very own special “bathing bliss” items. 

* Some latex or vinyl gloves for sanitary and protective purposes, you should always wear gloves when making bath bombs as the citric acid will sting if it gets into cuts or scratches. Eye protection is advised as fine powders can be very irritating to the eyes. A Dust mask is advised as the fine powders can be irritating if breathed in.

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Step 1 – Preparing the area / items:            

Very little preparation is required to create your own beautiful bathing bomb/fizzie. Set out your ingredients, colours, fragrances & additives (if desired). Select a bowl that won’t matter if it gets stained by some of the colours. Glass is best (non reactive)

Fill the spray mister bottle with water and add about 6 drops of coloring.

Step 2 (Using Half your supplies that come in the kit)

¼  cup of powdered citric acid (40gm)

¼  cup of cornstarch or soap dough powder (40gm)

½ cup of baking soda / Bicarbonate of Soda (80gm)

Sift all dry ingredients through a sieve to remove chunks.

Step 3 Mixing

Add a few drops of Pigment colour or Mica Powder to your powdered mix and whisk. Spray mist a few squirts of water carefully whisking so it does not fizz. Using your fingers, gently squeeze to check the consistency of powder; when it can be tightly packed or shaped, stop spritzing (this may take a little while). It should feel like slightly damp sand. Add a few drops of your fragrant/essential oil. Mix well. 

Optional – Add Botanicals / Shimmer / Glitter:

If you wish to add botanicals or flower petals, & / or Cosmetic grade glitter / shimmers gently mix them in or place in mould.

Step 4 Moulding & Setting

Firmly pack mixture into molds. Press together very firmly

Anything can be used as a mould, try ice cube trays, chocolate moulds, jelly moulds, etc. Turn mould over & tap with a spoon to release bath bomb. (If it breaks it may be too dry, whisk with a little more water and try again). Too wet & it will expand, rather than setting in shape.

Allow mixture to set for at least 2 hours (can be sped up to 1hour in the freezer), then pop out carefully. Repeat with remaining powder.

Step 5 – Packaging:  

Once you have created your gorgeous bathing bliss fizzies, you can pop into a bag / jar / fabric cloth / noodle box or any other ideas. Seal in a bag with a ribbon – prevent damp air getting to them which may cause the fizzing process to begin.

When set hard, pop into a plastic bag, twist tie the ribbon on, you can cut off the seal part if you prefer the look.

To get you started & looking professional we have included some lovely full colour gloss printable paper you can use to print labels for your packaging finesse.  

*Note: Alternative colors such as food grade colors, are not recommended as the colors may not ‘fix’ to the salts as well, causing people to slightly dye their skin when using the salts. Also certain food grade colors will fade in different lighting, eg – certain colors fade when exposed to sunlight, others when exposed to moonlight. Food dyes may  ‘bleed’ into each other after mixing is completed if you wish to use 2 colours in the one package and may stain baths. The Renascent pigments have been especially formulated to blend well and remain true in soap /candle / craft making.