10ML Amber Glass Bottles + Dripolators



 Amber Glass Bottles with Drip Cap and Lid

Not only for Aromatherapy oils - use the bottles to package any liquids, dyes, fragrances, perfumes, skin care or just as handy containers - multiple uses! Recyclable Glass Bottles - 10 ml size with straight sides and rounded shoulders and corrugated white screw on lids & automatic insert dripolator.

BEAUTIFUL! Create gorgeous healing "Aromatherapy Bliss" for yourself or begin a new business!

  • Would You like to easily package your own Aromatherapy Oils?
    For gifts or perhaps to sell ? Everyone will be love your creations with these beautiful & natural glass jars.

We are delighted to share with you this very high quality “Renascent” Packaging Products. 

  • Take your products to the next level in professional finishes
  • Make your gifts / Products look professional with these bottles
  • We use these bottles for packaging our essential oils, natural fragrances & dyes
  • The dripolator comes within the cap and as you twist it on to the bottle it automatically inserts into the bottle neck - ready to dispense your liquid slowly!
  • The 50ml spray atomisers we sell also fit on to the neck of these bottles and vice versa - swap them around to suit your needs!
  • Add to your order & save on postage costs
  • Always available - you can build a business or just for yourself knowing you will always be able to get more supplies
  • We also have listed kits & packaging supplies
  • These jars are not so heavy - add as many as you like & save on postage rates - it will not cost much more (if any) to ship in large quantities.
  • Can provide excellent gifts or allow you to begin a new craft business, sell on ebay, over the internet, school fetes or markets. People will be love your beautiful scents & will adore the healing / indulgent blissful properties! 
  • Get in for Christmas / Mothers Day / Fathers Day / etc - START SELLING ON EBAY! Make up your beautiful perfumes and present them in a gift box/packaging & list on eBay, there is a great interest in beautiful natural products for sale. You will have a beautiful unique product.