Labradorite Polished Gemstones x 3


3 x Beautiful POLISHED LABRADORITE MINERAL SPECIMENS, Unique, crystals, rare

  • Labradorite
  • These are really unique and beautiful tumbled stones
  • I could not get them to photograph particularly well however when you to come in the night we have flashes of other colors and patterns and iridescent shading
  • Each stone measures approximately 20 to 40 mm
  • Labradorite assists to bring back a sparkle to allow you to see other people's points of view and to highlight what may be a dull existence.
  • If you have forgotten the magic in your life Labradorite can assist to remind you of the specialness that things have.
  • Perfect for metaphysical esoteric or spiritual purposes or simply for gem connectors to look attractive