4 x Hand Crafted ARTISAN SOAP ART BODY BARS, Lucky Dip Choice



So fun - perfect unique birthday / wedding gifts to take home

Approximate WEIGHT of Finished soap: 50-100gms (Varies a little for the guest soap bags)

  • These are some of the most beautiful soaps you will ever find
  • Each bar is uniquely hand made by an artist
  • The pictures really don’t do them justice and depict just a few ideas of these gorgeous soaps 
  • RenascentCollege supplies everything you need to make your own beautiful soap art. However part of ourbusiness is in teaching, training and videos. Every time we teach a class, we are left with a selection of beautiful hand made artisan soap bars. They are perfect as they are the ones we created to teach the class.
  • Rather than melt them back down we are offering these artist created soap art bars in this listing for you.
  • We recommend our clients sell their soap art bars for $5.95-$19.95 per bar. You are ONLY paying $3.50each.
  • We do not wish to compete with our clients and do not make the soap art to sell, these ones are purely from our demonstrations, some of them may have taken over an hour to make each soap bar.  Where else can you purchase unique and lovely gifts for $3.50
    Great gifts for teachers and friends!
  • They are beautifully hand coloured and fragranced, then individually packaged.
  • We currently have many listed, however this may change as demonstrations come and go, get in quick to secure some great gifts.
  • You will receive 4 individually made and packaged Soap Art Bars or pkts of guest soaps with this purchase. You can add as many as you like and we will post together for very little additional shipping fees. The shipping adds on a bit to the price, hence adding a few more to your purchase will decrease the per piece cost of shipping, or you may collect from Clifton Springs for free shipping.
  • Take a look at the images above (there's several) to give you an idea of the styles, however as each piece is individually made (& probably only once) the selection you receive will vary somewhat. Each will be beautiful and we will choose a lovely mixed selection for you. 

Everyone will be amazed by this beautiful piece of soap art


  • Can provide excellent gifts or allow you to begin a new craft business, sell on ebay, over the internet, school fetes or markets. People will be amazed by your beautiful pieces & will be surprised it is soap! 
  • Add more Soap art bars to make a truly special gift
  • If you already have a shop or store, add this lovely hand made range in - If you wish to continue stocking them and we have no more demonstration soaps, you can purchase the supplies from us and make your own or we will pop you in touch with one of our terrific soap makers who can fulfill any order - no matter how large or small! Never be stuck for unique soaps again!

If postage is a little expensive - you are welcome to ombine any other items to save on shipping.

Individual soaps will vary and may also contain: Pigment dye, Essential Oil or Fragrant Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Butter, Organic Clays