Bulk Soap Art DIY Kit

A really fabulous gift for someone who loves crafts, it has everything you need to get started plus extras, then if you get hooked on soaping, at a later date you could add some more dyes, but its absolutely all you need and more.
I bet any crafter would be thrilled with this as a gift and it gives enough soap base to make 20-40 bars of soap or 100's of little guest soaps, the fragrances are really lovely too (& for a gift it is an impressive size box)
HUGE Bulk Lot SOAP ART Making Kit DIY: Novice or Adv' Melt and Pour Natural Soap!
*Prices listed below are RRP for your reference
Make your own Soap Art Soap:
You Will Receive:
    1. 1 X bottle of high quality fragrance oil – Baby Powder RRP $6.90
    2. 1kg Palm Free Melt and pour Soap Base – RRP $12.90
    3. 1 sheet Gold embellishment adhesive stickers – RRP $4.95
    4. 2 x Flat packed Square Clear Packaging boxes 80mm square – RRP $4.50
    5. 1 Small Pkt Dried Herb Botanicals – RRP $3
    6. 1 X Food Grade Silicone Tray Apples Mould – RRP $8.90
    7. 1 X Food Grade Silicone Tray Hearts Mould – RRP $8.90
    8. 1 pkt Coloured silver or clear shredded cellophane (for packaging) *Colours of cellophane may vary – RRP $6.90
    9. 3 X Containers of Cosmetic Shimmer Powder – RRP $14.85 
    10. 1 X 1-5gm Pkt Red Glitter Cosmetic Powder – RRP $3.95
    11. 1 X High Quality silicone Bootie Mould RRP $12.90
    12. 2 X 30ml Bottles Liquid Soap Pigment Dye RRP $13.80
    RRP: $88.65 + Free Booklet - Great Saving
    • PLUS FREE: Complete step by step instructions on FREE ebook link - where you can download the full soap art book with Recipes, instructions and ideas - RRP Priceless
      Perfect gifts for kids or a loved one - or make them up yourself - where else will you get fantastic gifts for less than $1 each