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1. 40 Gem Essences ($398)
2. 10 Blended Essences ($108)
3. Gem Essence Certificate Course (Manual, Test papers, Information Sheets e-files) ($245)
4. Laminated Charts:
     a) A5 laminated Food Sensitivities Pendulum Chart (usually $6.90)
     b) A5 laminated Emotional Sensitivities Pendulum Chart (usually $6.90)
     c) A4 laminated Comprehensive Pendulum Chart (usually $9.90)
    d) A5 Laminated Relationships Sensitivities Pendulum Chart ($5.00) ($28.70)
5. CLB Goggles set ($89.90, @ renascentbathbody.com.au).
6. The Gem Essence Workbook ($14.90)
7. Gem Essences Booklet (Free with any of the Gem Essence Kits)
Would that be all or am I missing anything from the Gem Essence Course?
I think that should cover it for now
I can do a bulk price of ($884.50)
$625 + shipping