GEM STONES - 10 x HUGE Tumbled


10 x HUGE Tumbled GEM STONES - you choose which ones

Healing Gem Crystal Fascinating - Lovely Quality!

10 x beautiful pieces, Rich deep, vibrant colors, lovely piece. The picture above really doesn't do justice to these lovely pieces, when it is moved in the light a shimmer or glint of colors flash across the surface of the stone - like a Tiger's Eye!

Of all the gems - children are fascinated by these beautiful pieces - fascinating shimmers & colors!

Large size, perfect to hold for worry stones - sell for around $12.95 in gem stores

each piece is approximately 50mm

Whether you use as jewelry, healing, gem trees, tip into a bowl, crystal healing or collections - a terrific item!

How gorgeous are these ?- truly special deep vibrant colours and markings - you are getting 10 of the above selection -  fascinating markings & colors throughout - naturally occurring!

Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on the mantlepiece. A lovely gift for all.

SIZE: Approx 40-60mm each

Stones will be taken from a large selection and may vary slightly to those in the image

You can make your selection by purchasing this item and when you pay add your choices in the "checkout message" tab

If we don't hear from you, we are happy to make a lovely selection for you, generally we will send 1 of each!

You can choose from:

  1. Tiger eye (Golden)
  2. Unakite (Green & Pink)
  3. Rhodonite (Pink & Black)
  4. Sodalite (Blue & White)
  5. Petrified Wood (like a tree)
  6. Jade (Pale Green)
  7. Gold stone - brown (sparkly)
  8. Gold stone - blue (sparkly)
  9. White Howlite
  10. Blue Howlite

Enlarge the above images and have a good look, they really are lovely pieces.