Himalayan Rock Salt Pure


Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse)

Pink Himalayan Salt is a special type of rock salt mined from the volcanic regions of
the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in South Asia,
  • It is actually Pinkish / Orange Colour.
  • Packed with 84 minerals,
  • Himalayan Pink Salt has been maturing for 250 million years without pollution & chemicals
  • Contains a crystalline structure that is easily absorbed by the human body, which in turn has been said to help regulate & balance natural functions.
  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is taking the Wholesale Gourmet Food world by storm. When used for cooking, the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is the healthy and pure salt choice.
  • Naturally  Pink colored 
When used for bath and spa treatments it is pure luxury. It’s signature pink hue comes from the 84 minerals naturally found in the salt from this region, and it is these same 84 minerals that help your body function in many ways from pH balance to circulation.

  • Pure ROCK SALT for Aromatherapy Bathing Salts, soap making, delightful bathing, Be creative!  
  • Add any Pure Essential oils blended with pure "healing Renascent gem essences or your own choices
  • BEAUTIFUL! Create gorgeous healing "Bathing Bliss" for yourself or begin a new business!
  • Add to the White Rock Salt or Himalayan Black Rock Salt or Unscented Bathing Crystals or Epsom Blend
  • Naturally softens the water
  • Simply add a tablespoon to a bath & enjoy! 
  • Safe for all - even babies & the elderly 
  • Transport yourself to a tropical location with this gorgeous bathing bliss 
  • Package up yourself for gorgeous gifts
  • Indulge yourself with a scoop any time you like
Would You like to easily make your own Bathing Salts?  
  • Simply pour out your rock salt, add liquid pigments or Mica, fragrance and mix. It's that easy!
  • We also have Epsom Salts if you wish to add these to your Bathing Crystals.
Not all bathing salts & bases are the same. We are delighted to offer this gorgeous & completely natural bathing salts, so whether you create some bathing bliss for yourself, your friends or set up a business (within 1 hour) with your new skills you can be assured of the quality & integrity of your products.
So simple a child could do it (6 year old making bath salts)
Emma making bath salts
Emma Packaging her bath salts

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