Magnetic Soap Saver / Holder /Soap Dish


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Gift Boxed Magnetic Soap Holder / Soap Saver for handmade soap, stick on!

This is a really fun and nifty idea.
A stick on soap saver with magnetic plug.
You simply push the magnetic plug into the soap bar and then it clicks (magnetically) back on to the soap holder on the wall or the bath/bathroom/shower
No more soggy slimy soaps

  • Brand new, excellent condition
  • Eco friendly
  • No more soggy slimy soaps
  • keeps countertops mess free
  • No screws and attachments, it has a durable self stick on strong tape which you simply peel the backing paper off and attach to the wall, Easily sticks to mirror, tile, glass or other smooth surface
  • No need to drill holes
  • Strong adhesive backing simple to fix onto position: 
  • Clean wall thoroughly, dry and press on
  • Will not rust
  • No longer will you need any soap dishes, not be cleaning the sink of soap scum
  • People will be fascinated by your soap - hanging in mid air under the holder
  • Gift Boxed
  • Fun white cap (to press into soap) with fun silver smilie face
  • Press the round smily disc into the soap and then attach to the magnet in the holder
  • Makes soap last longer through thoroughly drying out in between uses
  • Holder projects around 6cm from the wall.