MINECRAFT Raw Minerals Kit


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1 X MINECRAFT Raw Minerals Kit

Complete with Grass cube, map, fridge Magnets and treasures

 Perfect gift for the minecraft fan!

Unique & Collectable!

 Your kit contains:

  • 1 box with full colour gloss side that folds up into a 'grass cube' complete with image of Steve, Creeper, Pig and Sheep, this box may be used as a container for your treasures (sent flat packed for protection)
  • Self Seal plastic bags with full colour gloss labels and crafting instructions wherever applicable and a selection  of most  collectors item of the following:
  1. String (white and shiny, twisted and tied)
  2. Coal (a polished piece of genuine Jet gemstone which is fossilised coal)
  3. Glowstone Dust (Glow in the dark powder - hold over a light for a few seconds and it will glow brightly - charge up for 20 minutes and it will glow for up to 12 hours)
  4. Emerald (genuine tiny tumbled emerald)
  5. Obsidian (genuine Obsidian gemstone either tumble polished or in natural rough form)
  6. Leather (hand cut into the minecraft leather hide shape)
  7. Gold Nugget (genuine natural pyrite gemstone - usually in small pieces form)
  8. Clay (Brown cube of clay ready to be crafted)
  9. Diamond (tiny little crystal cut shaped Diamond) *Please note they are beautiful sparkly crystals, but not real Diamonds, still they look really cool!
  10. Feather (white of course, hygienically cleaned and not simply plucked from a low flying bird!)
  11. Lapis Lazuli (tiny genuine gemstone specimen of polished or natural Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli)
  12. Redstone Dust (genuine purified Australian red clay - used for facials and healing properties)
  13. Map (lovely tiny minecraft map rolled up into a delicate scroll)
  • All sealed in a self sealing bag with a gloss full colour minecraft label

Buy several and stack up the grass cube to make real minecraft play areas

 Having a minecraft birthday party?

These are perfect to use!

  • Fold the grass cubes up as the party take home goody bag / box
  • Have the raw minerals as prizes for the games (each child receives 1 of each as they party progresses) or have a scavenger hunt for the minerals (you could place all of 1 type into a plastic bag and hide it somewhere with a clue for the group to go out and search, when they find the spot - they each receive 1 of the sealed bags with that mineral in it and move on to the next hunt location. In between they can come back and pop their treasures inside their open grass cube - awaiting them to fill - at the end of the party their grass cube will be filled with their treasures and perfect as a valuable and unique take home gift. Nothing more required!
  • All you need to add to make the party complete is a few games, the food and a cake (& Minecraft cakes are really easy to make!)

*Please note - this kit may not reflect actual items accurately within the game, it contains small parts and choking hazards and is not for small children and cannot be used in any way to play the actual computer game, it is a collectors item and great fun for any minecraft fan

*Gemstones are very tiny but genuine samples of the stones

* as these are limited run kits they will not contain every one of the items but will contain most of them