Mineral Boxes with Black Stage x 10


Clear Crystal Mineral Display boxes with base.

Lovely, long wearing, clear, display box that can be used for displaying gems, mineral, collections & more.
The display box comes in 3 sections – a clear lid + a black base + a black stage. 
The lid presses down over the base and holds firmly.
No catches or clips to break, this lovely box is very durable

SIZE: SMALL Box: 40mm X 40mm X 45 high (This is the only one with an additional stage in the box)

You are purchasing in lots of 10 or 100 (AUD $1.29 each box)

The stage is inserted into the box base from a durable material, which will allow you to use blue tack, glue, silicone or plasticine to hold your specimens in place.
*Please note if your specimen is heavy you may need to use a little tape or glue to hold the base on.
Australian Made