Natural Opalite Specimens 1kg


ROUGH SPECIMENS OF Natural Genuine Authentic OPALITE

1 kilo / 1000grams (that's heaps!!!) of ROUGH SPECIMENS OF Natural Genuine Authentic OPALITE - Great Value!   

  • RRP - $14 - 75.00 each piece
  • Absolutely beautiful, this listing is for 1kg of the above gems - Yes 1kg of them!!!! WOW!
  • Depending on size - this could be up to 5-30 specimens (you can break them smaller if desired to get more) - that's great value - use for yourself, gifts or to resell!
  • That's a huge selection - it will make any crystal healer or budding gem collector thrilled!
  • Let us choose a lovely selection for you - at a great price!
  • Specimens are lovely in shades of color. Varying sizes. Beautiful quality, From Australia. Lovely quality & unusual gems for collectors.
  • Great for schools, collectors or an unusual gift. My children have given these bundles to many school friends as birthday gifts and they are always fascinated - by these wonderful earth's treasures!
  • This photo really isn't the best. It was a hot day and the gems were wet & the photo was taken simply looking into a bowl. We will choose a lovely selection for you!

ROUGH DENDRITIC AUSTRALIAN GREEN OPALITE: Opalite is also called Moss Opal. Western Australian Opalite: a harder form of opal known for its dendritic branching throughout.  Opal was formed many millions of years ago, when silica and water flowed into cracks & spaces in the ground. This then gradually hardened and solidified to become opal. It is an amorphous form of silica. Usually the water content is 6% to 10%. Opal's internal structure makes it diffract light, depending on the conditions in which during its formation. If the tiny silica spheres that make up the Opal have aligned so that the spheres are uniformed and form a dimensional structure grid, it can take on many colors & has “play of color” associated with precious opals. When there is no alignment of uniform silica spheres it is still considered Opal (or Opalite) but there is no flash of color and therefore called common Opal. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply.

*PLEASE NOTE: To bring a real sparkle to the gems in the above pictures - wet them to show off their true colors, this can be achieved easily with water, hair lacquer, varnish or polishing. 
*NOTE - These stones can be sharp and may cut the skin, take care in handling them - not for small children without adult supervision.