Pigment Colours - Liquid 30ml


High Colour Pigments - Perfect for soap making - Non Bleeding / Migrating, Colour Stable, Won't Blend, Vegan

Food dyes should not be used in soap making as they will fade under certain circumstances and in 2 coloured soap will "bleed" into each other, in a short time instead of a red and white soap - it will be all pink. These pigments will not fade easily nor bleed. (Not for use in Liquid soaps - use our Dyes for these)

To blend with water: add 1ml of pigment to approximately 250ml water - this will provide a strong vivid colour, alternatively, just add a few drops directly to your soap base / bath product

  • Easy pour, no drip 30ml bottles, seal well, use less pigment! or Economical 1 litre bottles with screw caps for larger use
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • No animal products
  • Use in Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bathing Crystals / Bath Salts 
    (May need to add a poly sorb 80 to prevent staining)

  • Not for use in Lip Balms (we have edible colours for this purpose)
  • Not for use in Candles
  • Many other colors & shades may be created by varying the mix and quantity

  • Colour Stable, Non Fading, Long shelf life, Non Toxic, Long Lasting
  • Water soluable - easy to use
  • Perfect quality for the best soap making
  • A few drops blended through bathing salts will distribute evenly and provide a long lasting all over colours (other dyes may set into some bath salts and then not blend easily through the rest making your prodfuct "patchy")
  • Blend beautifully with the shimmer powders
*Caution, these Pigments will stain most objects, please take care not to spill when using