Rice Powder - Superfine Soft


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Rice Powder is a lovely soft powder.

Perfect as a natural filler, Talc replacement and can be used in many skin care and make up recipes as a natural and safe alternative.

Silky Soft, assists with oil absorption

Approved for cosmetic use.

We also stock Milled rice which has similar benefits but is a courser grind, allowing for skin exfoliation.


  • MASK: Mix to a paste with natural oil and apply as a face or eye mask. Highlights delicate skin around the eyes. The mask assists relaxation making you look much younger.
  • FACE POWDER: Rice powder is a lovely replacement for expensive and high-end face powders. It is naturally oil-absorbing and blends easily with the layers of skin assisting oil production.
  • SMOOTH AND STRAIGHTEN HAIR: Due to the starch and granular texture, Rice Powder has hair tightening and toning abilities which makes it perfect for hair straightening. Mix rice powder and White Clay in equal quantities and blend well with water to make a fine paste. Apply it as a treatment pack to your hair. Leave on for 5-30 minutes then rinse off with warm water.
*Please note - individuals must exercise caution and always test a small amount for suitability before use. Renascent Bath & Body will only be liable up to the maximum cost of replacement of the product purchased.