Skull Silicone Mould 3D 3 Cavities


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3D Skull Silicone Molds, Set of 3 Different styles

Easy to use 3 different shapes in one silicone mould, to make soaps, candles, Ice skulls, Jelly, for parties, halloween or fun. Perfect for resin castings, orgone devices, chocolates. Stury Holding tray ensures perfect shapes everytime.

Product Details:

  • Material of mould: Silicone
  • Approx size of finished product: 75 mm  X 60mm
    10.6 x 4.2 x 8.4 inches
  • Approx weight of finished soap: 60 grams
  • Number of cavities per mould: 3 (Different Skull shapes)
  • Food grade: Yes
  • Creates incredibly detailed finished items
  • Flexible silicone allows finished product to pop out easily
  • Tray handles for easy mobility and perfect shapes
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free, Food-Grade silicone
  • Simple to use, Durable, Well-formed, Non-slip, Multiple shapes
  • Tips:
    Do not store ice tray in freezer, once the cube are made, remove them from tray and put them in an airtight container preventing freezer odor.
  • Special Features of this mould: Highly Flexible to allow easy release of your finished product
  • Uses: Soaps, Candles (Need to poke a hole in for the wick), Soy Candle Melts, Chocolate, Ice, Candy, Plaster, Resin, Crafts

Please note: You are receiving the mould, not the finished product. Your mould may be a different colour to the image shown.

Poke a tiny hole in the mould and add a wick and you can use the mould for candles too.