Soap Cutter Unit + Blade


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SOAP CUTTER / SLICER make your own, evenly cut, So handy -  lovely and smooth to use!

This is the easiest tool I have ever had for soap making.

  • Your slices will always be even neat and easily cut - perfect for gifts / markets / etc.
  •  No cut fingers - perfect slices.
  •  Unlike knives, it won't slip or bow (creating odd shaped slices), it will always be safe, neat and easy!
  • Durable, well made, high quality.

A great tool.

Simply make up your soap in 1 kg blocks - it can be moulded in take away food containers, long life milk/juice cartons or cake loaf pans.

Adjust the slider easily to set the thickness you wish your soap to slice in and then press the soap block up and gently push down with the cutter.

Remove the cut slice, slide up and cut the next slice off the block.

You can even use the slicer as a cutter away from the unit and keep your fingers safe.