Soap Embeds to Finish Your Soap Bars / Loaves


We have taken all the hassle out of adding tiny soap embeds to your finished soap bars.

We will hand make the tiny embeds that you usually need dozens of moulds for or spend half your life making, so you can get back to what you do best - being creative and producing soap.

As we hand make these to order, depending on the size of your order it can take us a week to complete.

All soap embeds will be beautifully coloured with Renascent Bath & Body Pigment Colourants which won't run or bleed into your soap bars

They will be made from our original soap base (Melt and pour) and whilst ths is a low sweat base, they can sweat if on the tops of soap under certain circumstances.

If embedded within your soap bars, this problem will not exist.

How to use Soap Embeds:

  • Use as is, as tiny guest soaps in a little bowl/box
  • Place on the top of your completed loaf of soap (stick on with a tiny bit of melted soap)
  • Pour a thin layer of cool, clear soap base in your mould (if it is hot it will melt your embeds), spritz the soap embeds with isopropyl alcohol, place inside the clear soap and if still poking out, just cover them with a little more clear soap base. Spritz again, this time to remove bubbles and allow to set. When set, (now they won't melt with a larger quantity of soap base), spritz again and pour your backing layer of clear or any colour soap base.
    When unmoulded your little soap embeds will be floating throughout the soap bar.
  • Make a cupcake soap and use these as topper for the top of the cupcake
  • Once applied, leave as is, or sprinkle a little cosmetic glitter over the top

If you have a preference for a particular colour, just add a note to your order when going through checkout, otherwise we will make a multicoloured selection for you