Solid Shampoo Bar Kit


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This very simple to make shampoo bar kit will assist to create your very own DIY shampoo bars with everything you need in the kit.

Enjoy fuller and cleaner hair. With specially chosen oils to combat dandruff.

Shampoo Bars are all the rage, whether you are travelling and don't want to carry liquids or you are looking for something more economical - Maybe you just want to know exactly what it is you are putting in your hair.

Shampoo bars cost $14.90-$36 each, you will be able to make 4 x 50gm Solid Shampoo Bars with this kit

Level: Medium

Benefits: Affordable Solid Shampoo Bars, SLS /SLES Free, Vegan, Palm Free

Kaolin / White Clay Solid Shampoo Bar Kit Contains:

  • 200gm RBB Ultra White Melt & Pour Soap Base
  • Coconut Butter (May assist to moisturise a dry scalp)
  • Shea Butter ^These 2 have been premixed for you
  • Castor Oil  (May assist irritated skin)
  • Sweet Almond Oil (Biotin in Almond oil can strengthen hair)
  • Vitamin E oil 
  • White Clay (white clay nourishes, cleanses and soothes, hydrates dry hair)^These 4 have been premixed for you
  • Beeswax
  • Invigorate Essential Oil (Orange uplifts &B Cleanses , assists with oily skin, Citrus lifts the spirit,)
  • Moroccan Rosemary essential Oil (May stimulate the hair follicles)
  • Soap Bar Mould – We use the Twin Cavity Round Clamshell Moulds/ Packages
  • *Essential oils can be added more or less depending on your smell preference
  • Pigment (optional –not inc’ in kit may be added if desired) Just add a couple of drops of liquid pigment if you would like your shampoo bars coloured.

Crystal Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base Ingredients:

  • Water – filtered
  • Propylene Glycol (Food Grade) - used as a food additive with emulsification (blending) and humectant (moisturising) properties
  • Sorbitol - a sugar alcohol naturally found in fruits
  • Sucrose – sugar from cane or beets
  • Coconut oil - an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts
  • Olive Oil - an edible oil extracted from Olives
  • Sodium Myristate - a fatty acid that occurs naturally in some foods
  • Alkyl Polyglycoside - derived from sugars, usually glucose derivatives, and fatty alcohols
  • Sodium Sarcosinate - a foaming and cleansing agent


    The information provided in this recipe / tutorial are recipes personally tested by Renascent Bath & Body. They are tested and accurate to the best of our knowledge, however it is strongly recommended that you thoroughly research the safety of ALL ingredients, including any fragrant or essential oils.