Steampunk Soap Making Kit


Silicone Mould,3 Shimmers,1 Essence Oil,1kg M&P Soap

To create a soap similar to the above image, simply melt your Renascent Melt and Pour soap and pour into the mold. Allow to set & unmold. Take a dry paintbrush and dip it in the shimmer powder, then brush over the soap for a metallic look. To create a deeper more textured metallic appearance, use a mix of gold, bronze and copper Renascent Shimmer powders.


  • 1 x High Quality Hand Made Silicone Steampunk Soap / Candle Mould  RRP $19.90
  • 3 x packets (5 grams approx') of shimmer powders: Gold, Bronze & Copper
    RRP $3.95 x 3 = $11.85
  • 1 x 1kg white soap base RRP $10.90
  • 1 x Essence oil (not Fragrant oil) "Balance" - Sandalwood (if you really don't like Sandalwood we can substitute it with another) RRP $13.95
  • Free Gift of a Soap Art ebook (the link to download it will be included with your order) RRP $ Priceless
  • TOTAL VALUE: $56.60 (+ Book)

If desired you can use white soap to create more definition or a blend of white and clear to create translucence, perhaps with our brown and black pigment dyes for depth.

If you wish to create other colours in the one mold, simply add a color to your soap, then add a further layer of different colour. If you find you are getting a slip between the 2, spray lightly with alcohol or witch hazel in between pours.

Use any style or colors desired, do not be limited by our suggestions or images.

Your beautiful soap art mold:

  • Will last for many (if not 1000's) of pours (durability depends on care)
  • Weight approximately 50-70grams
  • See other images above for more angles and insights into the soap it creates
  • Can simply produce the most amazing art pieces in Soap Art
  • Will cost around $1 per soap to create (I recently purchased some Soap Art from Canada for around $22 per cake of soap)
  • Can provide excellent gifts or allow you to begin a new craft business, sell on ebay, over the internet, school fetes or markets. People will be amazed by your beautiful pieces & will be surprised it is soap!
  • Is made of high grade silicone - (cheaper rubbers & silicones are available - all molds are not the same!)
  • Contains no (ammonia based) latex
  • We will include a slip with your order, where you can download a FREE soap art pdf book filled with recipes, hints and tips

  • *Please note - this Soap Art Mold is designed for soap / candle making & is not for food/chocolate manufacture

It is so simple to use, even children can do it. Simply melt your Renascent Melt & Pour soap base in a heat source& gradually melt down. Add your essential or fragrant oils & some color and pour into your soap art mold. Allow to set & unmold. Beautiful, useful hand made gifts.