Tap Tool for Liquid drums


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This tap tool will allow you to easily convert the 15L drums to an easy fill tap.

You may also need the Spanner Tool for Liquid drums spanner tool to open the bung hole for the tap to be installed 

Instructions for using the Spanner tool: Using the square end, Lay your drum down (with cap on firmly) so it cannot leak (if there is liquid right up to the hole, leakage may occur, you may need to empty a little to allow an air bubble around the bung hole and prevent leakage.

With drum laying down with cap lid on, install the square end into the bung cap opening and unscrew bung cap off.

Instructions for using the Tap tool: With drum still laying down insert the tap and screw on tightly to avoid any leakage.

Once tap is on firmly carefully lift drum upright slowly, checking for leakages.

Once tap is installed correctly, release the drum cap from the top to allow a little airflow and you can pour out using the tap.

Please note, with some viscous liquids like soap, the tap may become loose and rotate when you need to turn it off, hold the tap with both hands and whilst holding in place turn tap off to seal.

A small amount of drip leakage may occur, so it is a good idea to have a plate or cap underneath to catch the drips.

HINT: If you get yourself in a pickle with the tap rotating whilst you are trying to close it and no free hand, place one finger over the tap outlet and apply pressure to stop the liquid flowing out until you can firmly grip the tap to turn off.

This will fit our 15L drums, the 25L drums do not currently have the tap attachment possibility although, the spanner tool will assist to open the drum caps on all.