Tektites Specimens Natural and Rough x 3


3 x Beautiful POLISHED & ROUGH TEKTITES SPECIMENS, unique, crystals, Outer Space MINERAL SPECIMENS

  • Unique, crystals, rare
  • Tektite is one of the most fascinating gemstones we know
  • Actual mineral specimens from Outer Space - fascinating
  • Beautifully polished to a smooth and unique finish these pieces are just lovely
  • They range in size from 15 mm up to 45 mm 
  • You are purchasing 3 gemstones with this listing - 2 rough and 1 polished
  • Look at the other images for more details - your stones will be similar but not exactly the same as the pictures

Esoterically Tektite assists us to reconnect with prehistoric times and ancient past lives, also with angel guides. It is the perfect choice for people who have lost their way and need to connect with mother Earth or higher realms. If your life has become stuck in a rut and placing too much emphasis in a material sense sense Tektites assists you to reconnect with higher thoughts and visualisations.