Tropical Dreams Fragrant Oil Kit X 6 Oils


Nature Identical Fragrant Oil

Mmm lay back and let the delicious summer scents wash over you, from soft babys beach bums to divine cocktails or Tropical Dreams Oils set has it all. 

    • Complete set of 6 X Fragrant oils
    • Gift Boxed Set
    • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
    • Vegan
    • Skin Safe Fragrances
    • Specifically made for soap / candle making - can be used for any other bathing products you wish to make - eg - bath bombs, bathing salts, shower gels, etc
    • Can be used in oil burners for fragrancing the home
    • Can be used in any product you wish to add a gorgeous fragrance to
  • 30ml TROPICAL DREAMS: Baby Powder,Champagne & Strawberries, Melon & Cucumber, Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach, Tropical Coconut
  • 10ml Tropical Dreams Kit: Green Tea & Lotus, Tuberose, Jasmine, Rose Geranium, Melon & Cucumber, Black Cherry Sorbet

*PLEASE NOTE: The 30ml dripper bottles were giving us some problems - labels coming off, some bottles mis-shaping - we have now swapped over to 20ml flip caps. However, if you don't mind some 2nds in the 30ml you can have them for the price of a 20ml if available!