Crystal CLEAR & WHITE MP Soap Base (SLS / SLES / Palm / Stearic Acid Free)


Crystal Clear & White Melt and Pour Soap Base 

Now you can buy the white and clear together to receive the bulk discount on mixed colour soap bases. Gentle on the skin, with the delightful benefit of Olive Oil & Coconut Oil, firm soap base, great general purpose soap.

*Transparent, firm, good general purpose soap, easy to use, Low sweat.

Excellent Clarity + White

Clear for embedding & artistic work, firm, good general purpose soap, low sweat (1kg blocks) 

  • Stays true to form 
  • No scent – you add your own! 
  • Made with Coconut oil and Olive Oil
  • Clear - great for embedding - Fish in a Bag soaps or Showing hidden Soap embeds
  • Packaged simply in a 1kg block 
  • Can withstand higher melting point than most other soaps without burning or ‘seizing’
  • BRAND: Renascent Bath & Body
  • Firm - Long Lasting
  • No SLS or SLES (Good for sensitive Skin)
  • No Palm Oil or Palm Oil Derivatives (Environmentally Friendly)
  • No Stearic Acid or Glycerine (Palm oil is often hidden in these ingredients)
  • Fully NICNAS Registered (You do not need to apply for NICNAS registration in Australia to sell your soaps if using our bases)

    Crystal Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base Ingredients:

    Crystal Clear and Ultra White Soap Ingredients and what they are

    • Water – filtered
    • Propylene Glycol (Food Grade) - used as a food additive with emulsification (blending) and humectant (moisturising) properties
    • Sorbitol - a sugar alcohol naturally found in fruits
    • Sucrose – sugar from cane or beets
    • Coconut oil - an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts
    • Olive Oil - an edible oil extracted from Olives
    • Sodium Myristate - a fatty acid that occurs naturally in some foods
    • Alkyl Polyglycoside - derived from sugars, usually glucose derivatives, and fatty alcohols
    • Sodium Sarcosinate - a foaming and cleansing agent

    *Transparent or white, firm, good general purpose soap, easy to use, Low sweat. Palm Free, SLS /SLES Free, Added Olive Oil, High Lather, No Stearic Acid.