Perfume Spray Atomiser + Cap 8ml White Rainbow Chakra - set of 7


Handy Purse Size Spray Mister / Atomiser 8ml with Spray + Cap

*REDUCED TO CLEAR* Were $2.50 each tube - stock up!

Durable Plastic Vial, perfect to keep in your purse or fill with oils as room / body fragrance.

Great travel size.

Capacity: 8-10ml

Length: 120mm (the white one is slightly shorter at 105-110mm)

Width: 15mm

  • Set of 7 Perfume Sprays - one of each colour
    Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Clear 
  • Match your oils to the energies of the chakras, or just use as pretty spray misters
  • Twist on Spray Mister 
  • Click on cap
  • Easy unscrew to refill

*Please note - Individuals must ascertain the effectiveness for your purpose, some oils may affect the plastic tubing