There are a few things you want to make sure you get right when you are making / selling / gifting your soaps and body products.

It is worth taking the time to ensure your business is all up to scratch and legal.

We have compiled a short list of items that are important to consider. Please note, this list is based on our own understanding of information. It may be out of date and thus not entirely accurate. We offer it as a guide only and encourage you to seek professional legal advice.


The most important thing with products is to check the environment they are being made in is approved by the relevant authorities in your area. Soap Queen had a visit from their local officer and needed to rearrange a few items so no boxes were kept on the floor.

Follow extremely good hygeine and check all relevant details.

NICNAS registration

In Australia the Department of Health administer the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). The scheme regulates the manufacture of chemicals including those uses for cosmetics.

You need to register with NICNAS if you do any of the following activities for commercial purposes:

*If you are purchasing from an Australian Company - it is prudent to check they are registered and doing things correctly to safeguard you.

Does MP need NICNAS?
If you use the pre made Melt and Pour method, you do not need to register with NICNAS, provided it fulfills 2 criteria.

MP generally does not need NICNAS - IF the company you purchase from is located in Australia and IF they have a NICNAS registration. If they don't, it will become a legal loophole that could be your problem and if you import it from outside Australia you legally become the producer of it.
As Renascent Bath & Body holds up to date and current NICNAS approval, you can rest assured it is not required by our customers (that's you) for any of our ready made bases. If you are purchasing through another company in Australia, please ask them if they are NICNAS registered and if in doubt ask for their registration number, this will safeguard your soap making. This applies to any bases, eg make your own Lip Balm Base you will need NICNAS, buy a Renascent Bath & Body Balm Base - we have it for you, you are free to simply create.
Click HERE for NICNAS information

Insurance Group Buy

Renascent Bath and Body Insurance Policies

We started off just like you, in a very small business and know the expensive and difficult situations you may face. We are delighted to offer you 2 types of insurance policies designed to make your soap / bath / body / candle business more secure at an affordable price.

*Renascent receives no payments or commissions in any ways from organising this insurance for you, we offer it purely as a service to assist you growing your business. Perhaps you could support us in our business :-) Renascent are Thermomix consultants and can assist you with Thermomix bath & Body Classes & offer all your MP soap making supplies, moulds, mica shimmers, pigments, packaging, lip balms and bath and body supplies. Our MP is NICNAS approved (you do not need to register)..

Renascent College & Renascent bath & Body are delighted to share with you 2 types of insurance policies you can share in with us.



Click HERE for more insurance information.


Labelling and Barcoding

Mandatory standard for ingredient labeling

Labels are a key feature of most products. They help to market the product, allow customers to tell it apart from the competition, and give important messages including ingredients, instructions and uses.

All suppliers – including manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers – must comply with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) mandatory standard for ingredient labelling on cosmetics.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, the ACCC can also take action against misleading or deceptive claims on cosmetic product labels.

Under the mandatory standard, cosmetic products are substances or preparations intended for placement in contact with any external part of the body, including the mouth and teeth, for the purpose of:

  • altering the odours of the body
  • changing the appearance of the body
  • cleansing the body
  • maintaining the body in good condition
  • perfuming the body
  • protecting the body

Click HERE for more information on labelling and barcoding