Make Soap Embeds or Tiny Embellishments

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Never waste a speck of soap again - look how pretty these are


2017 NICNAS Updates

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For Australians that need to register (if you use bases from a registered Australian company you do not need to, as long as your supplier is registered).
For those that do need to register, I will be meeting with the NICNAS team again next week directly in relation to soap makers. However for now, here's few important points:
  1. ALL passwords on the site expire after 45 days, you will need a new one every 45 days and you cannot use the same one, it must be at least 10 characters long (it's a coding problem they are working on)
  2. When you click to change your password, there's a lag of up to several hours before it resets, during this time it will look like it is working but in fact it isn't, you can only reset your password once in 24-48 hours, so if you keep resetting you may end up in a loop which will lock you out (again a coding glitch)
  3. The lowest price bracket is $138 (if you are spending less than $125,000 per year - so the figure you put won't change your premium if under this amount
  4. There are new categories of chemicals on the website, however for the most of us we can simply put "nothing changed since last year"
  5. It is an annual fee starting and ending at this time of the year, regardless of when you apply to join
*Please note, all of this information is purely from my own personal experiences and may or may not be accurate or relevant to you, it is offered as an insight guide only and we ask you to seek professional assistance to make the correct choice for yourself.

Create a Spanner/ Shifter Soap

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So amazing, you won't believe it's a soap!
An Amazing emtallic looking spanner made entirely from soap - we will show you how easy it is to create.



Berries & Roses Melt and Pour Soap Embeds

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Super sweet little roses or berries to add a special touch to your soaps or use as a single use guest soap


Adding Mica and Shimmer to making an Amethyst MP Soap

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A few tips and techniques for making your Amethyst Crystal Soaps Pop


Pigments VS Dyes - What's the Difference, When to use each in Soap Making!

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Pigments - Dyes - Neon Pigments

A little about each and when to use them. 

What is MP? Melt and Pour Soap!

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For our newbies beginning their soap journey -
or for a little more information for the more advanced soapers - a few FAQ's - a new video to share with you! Please share this video on your pages, in groups and/or with your friends.


Little Girl Makes Bathing Crystals But it goes wrong!

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So easy to make bath Salts - a little girl can show you how even when it goes wrong !


Soap Makers Group Buy Insurance

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What if your customers EAT your soap Ice Cream? Do you need insurance, is it expensive, can you get it cheaper? Here's a video on the discussion of Insurance in Australia and a group buy you can join in on. The URL is you are most welcome to share it with friends or in any groups you belong to.


Renascent Bath & Body - Bathed in Love - Welcome to You Tube

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