YES NO Fortune Telling Prediction Coin Gift Boxed Blessed


Fortune Telling Prediction Coins

  • Each Coin individually Blessed by a Feng Shui Master/ Energy Healer
  • Gift packed in a clear case
  • Approximately 40mm x 3mm
  • Brand New
  • Sparkly Shiny
  • Choose from Gold Plated, Silver Plated or one of each
  • Solid polished finish
  • Durable, Wear Resistant, Anti rust
  • Metal: Zinc Alloy
  • Images may be reflecting other colours where the photo is taken, they will actually be gold or silver (depending on choice) regardless of other colour changes in the pictures here.

Toss the coin and either allow the coin make the decision for you or notice which one you are hoping it will be before it lands (indicasting your true heart feeling).

Even when used as an indicator, it will only represent the current energies and what you are experiencing right now in this moment which may be different in a matter of moments as your thoughts, energies and situation changes.

Sale is for one coin with YES on one side and NO on the other side.

*Please note, these coins are intended for fun and entertainment purposes only, a coin should never be in control or allowed to guide your life or your decisions, please use with a sense of fun but always be responsible for your own actions and choices. We cannot be held responsible for any decisions you make when playing with the coin(s).

Coins are not to be used as monetary exchange nor in place of currency.