Instructors Insurance Information

  1. FOR INSTRUCTORS / TEACHERS / SOAP ART / BATH & BODY AND YOU TUBERS / TUTORIALS ONLINE AND IN PERSON (This policy does not cover you for selling/giving away finished products or selling at markets/shows. It is designed to accompany the policy #1 as an add on)

You may be surprised to know that your standard insurance policy may not cover you if you are providing advice or instruction in any way. This can include in person discussions, classes, advice, YouTube tutorials (if you have items to sell), demonstrations at shows/ markets.

You may be open to claims for public and product liability, personal and professional indemnity.

For personal insurance policies (not as a Renascent Bath & Body Instructor) Austbrokers or Auzi can assist you for an insurance fee of around $700 per year.

For taking out your own insurance policies click HERE


For current Renascent Elite Instructors, we pay this fee for you as part of our ongoing commitment to you and to support you in being part of the Renascent Bath & Body Instructor team.

This is an amazing opportunity to join the Renascent Bath & Body team as an accredited instructor. You can teach classes around Australia, earn a terrific income from class fees and product commissions, share with an exciting dynamic team and be personally endorsed, advertised and supported by a fun team of professionals and people just like you, that are here to make your life freer, more abundant and more rewarding.

*You do not need to be located in Melbourne, we get inquiries for classes in other locations regularly

Does this sound like you? Click HERE for more information about joining the Renascent Bath & Body Instructor team. It costs nothing to join Level 1 (this doesn't include your insurance) and only a nominal annual fee for Elite Instructors with a host of benefits, including insurance.

We will take care of everything including all your training, class fees are yours to keep 100% and you get a commission on all sales earning anything from $100-2000 for a few hours fun sharing with great people who love being with you.

A perfect sideline to your Soap / Candle / Lip Balm / Bathing Crystals / Bath Bombs / Body Supplies business

To organise this coverage & to find out more about joining the Renascent bath & Body Instructor Team, please click HERE