Unscented Bath Crystals


Make Your Own Bathing Crystals, Bath salts, Foot Soaks in just minutes.

Natural and Unscented, contains Pure EPSOM SALT Blended with Pure ROCK SALT for Aromatherapy Bathing Salts, soap making, delightful bathing, Be creative!  All you need to add is your fragrance & colour (if desired).
  • Add any Pure Essential oils blended with pure "healing" Renascent gem essences or Fragrant Oils.
  • Then add some pigments to colour or Micas (or both)
  • Mix
  • Package
  • It's that simple!


  • Personalise your own range
  • Choose YOUR favourite colours and fragrances
  • Inexpensive
  • Package in some of our great bags
  • Add a glossy label with your information on it
  • Sell in your store, at markets, eBay, etsy
  • Makes great inexpensive gifts (from as little as 35c - 100gm bag)
Simply pour out your Unscented Bathing Crystals, add liquid pigments or Mica, fragrance and mix. It's that easy!
So simple a child could do it (6 year old making bath salts)
Emma making bath salts
Emma Packaging her bath salts