Continuous Ink Systems

Pay next to nothing for ink in inkjet printers

Replace your cartridges once and you financially break even - Replace them twice and you are well ahead.

Each Continuous Ink System (CISS) comes prefilled with the equivalent of around $3000.00 worth of ink (based on cartridges costing around $20 each)

Perfect Print quality

CISS cost approximately $90-195 and can be installed on most printers.

Contact us for a quote for your printer

Why are there no actual items to purchase with this listing?

There are so many printers and the CISS units can change weekly to keep up. We would be relisting every day with individual items

Just email us your printer type and we will advise if we have a CISS set up for you.

Most types are available.

At Renascent Bath & Body, we use Epson Workforce printers, they cost around $120 and the CISS unit for them is around $120, so even if your printer is not suitable, you can get set up with a brand new one for around this total.

Easily Ink refills on a CISS

CISS Continuous Ink System for your Printer

Hardly ever pay for ink again

Most printers can have a CISS installed on them quickly and easily.

Replace your cartridges once and you will break even, replace them twice and your CISS will be saving you considerable money.

The InkLink™ ink system (CISS™) is used instead of standard inkjet cartridges. Simply explained a CISS or InkLink™ is a self contained unit with its own cartridges fed by tubing from a large ink reservoir which sits beside your printer.

The System acts like a giant cartridge by feeding ink into your printer when required through a set of silicone tubes. You have 100mls of each colour included rather than 10mls (which is the contents of the average cartridge). When you get low on ink, just pull out the plug on the reservoir and pour in some refill ink.

The Inklink represents the finest in refined CISS technology. With 10 years of ongoing product development, multiple product and innovation patents coupled with the highest standard in third party ink technology makes inklink the choice when it comes to premium quality CISS.

We are committed to being recognised by customers as the very best supplier and stand behind everything with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means we will find out our customers' needs today and for the future do all that is possible to satisfy these needs at the lowest cost and continually improve the value of our product.

To find out if we have a CISS for your printer - somply send us a message with your make and model

CISS vary in price from $75-210, with most units costing around $120-170

This includes over $3000.00 worth of prefilled ink

If we don't have a CISS to suit your printer you may find it's cheaper to buy a new printer and a CISS than keep running your existing one. Ask us for printer suggestions.

Postage on a complete CISS will be $15 express post anywhere in Australia.


By Frank Organ
Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2016
I was a very lucky reader of EBay, because that's where I found out about the best ink refilling system anywhere. It is so easy to change the ink sponges, all you need to be careful of is the ink, I wear rubber gloves, no problems, when you change the sponges the next time it's even easier.
I highly recommend the system for both the price & the ease of refilling your cartridges.If anyone can find a better system, tell me
Regards, Frank
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
By Chris Chapman
Date Added: Wednesday 16 April, 2014
I choose the printer to match the CISS kit
The Epson 725 has not missed a beat, I'm on my 3rd bottle refill kit so thats about
100ml x6 x 3 or 1.8 litres of ink so far ( 2.5 years )
Very good ink ( As good as the Epson product ) I converted to CISS within a day of purchase still got the full standard inks somewhere

You can't beat this product & service
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
By Patrick Wools
Date Added: Tuesday 23 February, 2016
Well. My CISS pack has finally decided to run out of black ink. I use it domestically and on checking back found it has been on the printer for nearly 4 years! Great savings and always consistent results. Sitting for a while the tubes sometimes seem to collect air pockets but that soon clears and printing continues.
Now they have refill bottles available. Even better as the colours still have quite a bit left. I haven't printed many photos but there have been some and its never a concern as there is always plenty of ink available.
A great investment.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!