Soap Art FAQ's

Commonly Asked Soap Making Questions


Q. My favourite !!! How much soap will 1kg make?
A: About a kg of soap!! If your molds take 100gm then around 10 soap bars (generally 10-30 soaps per 1 kg)

Q. My soap has little ‘beads' of water all over it
A. - If you melt it over too high a heat / too quickly, or cool too quickly (eg - freezer) when your soap sets it will form ‘beads' of sweat on the soap and ruin the appearance. Your soap can be melted again once or twice if this happens.
This only happens with soap that has a high glycerine quantity, the Renascent melt & pour soap base has low glycerine to prevent this occurring.

Q. How do I know how much dye to use
A. Keeping this in mind, your colors (if used) will lighten slightly on setting so you may like to have them a little darker than desired at the melting stage. Just add according to what shade looks right.

Q. When I unmolded my soap, it wasn't quite set & I ruined it
A. Your soap can be melted again once or twice if this happens.

Q. Do I need to purchase the full Renascent Soap Making kit again?
A. No, Renascent supply 1 kg blocks of Melt & Mold soap, essential oils, fragrant oils, Molds, Colors and many other items, in person & mail order. If you wish to build a soap making business, you can even speak to us about a wholesale account.

Q. My soap doesn't last very long?
A. - The opaque (natural) soap will use up (just slightly) more quickly than commercial soaps, if you wish to prolong it's life, ensure it is kept fairly dry between uses & allow to stand a longer time (up to 3-4 months) to harden. If manufacturing professionally, a dehumidifier will dry the moisture out of your soap & greatly prolong it's life. Sadly, often the more ‘natural' soaps do disappear more quickly but they seem to be much kinder to the skin and personally that is a choice I happily make.

Q. My Soap Art Soap is too nice to use?
A. - It's so nice, how could you not use it? We think they are too nice not to use. Life's short - Use the good soap!