There are several pages of student testimonials on this website, here are a few comments provided............

I have completed Reiki classes thru to masters level, basic kinesiology and several Qi Gong workshops with Daryll Mitchell during 2005-2007. Daryll is a gifted clairsentient teacher who "walks and lives the talk" in all the disciplines he teaches. His lifetime commitment to and passion for the healing arts and his willingness to share his gifts and knowledge is exceptional. His generosity of spirit, genuine love and care for his students and unique sense of humour bind together with his immense knowledge to give all his workshop attendees a unique yet practical experience which inspires and uplifts. 

Regards John - Director - TCL Consulting

"Transforming Teams Into Peak Performers"


I have had the pleasure of participating in a number of workshops with Daryll Mitchell including Touch For Health and Tien Ti.  Mr Mitchell is a wonderful, patient teacher who gives all his students his full attention and anticipates their needs at every moment.

I cannot recommend Mr Mitchell as a Speaker or Teacher highly enough to anyone who is considering learning from him.

Sincerely Shirley (student)


Meeting Daryll over ten years ago both challenged and changed aspects and directions of my life and for that I will always have gratitude.

Daryll shows a rare dedication to encompassing all aspects of his teachings into his daily life   -  he truely lives his beliefs.

An ongoing commitment is shown to all students past and present .

Thank you Daryll not only for the knowledge you have so willingly imparted but for your enormous energy, guidance,  direction, and for the many spiritual gifts that you have bestowed over many years to me personally and many others.           

With great respect, Helen (W.A.)


Hi Daryll & Lesley, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your energy and input at the, centre. To me you are truly remarkable people, and I value your friendship highly. Thank you for my lovely birthday card and the offers you have made to assist me to gain financially.

Love and many blessings to you and your family, Alice


Dear Lesley and Daryll,

Have I ever told you why I keep coming back to Renascent College year after year? The benefits of the Qi Gong and healing classes were immediately noticeable from my very first class. That Daryll has carefully, thoroughly researched and practiced the skills he passes on to us, his students are clear. Daryll's classes are never boring, he is very sincere, and his humorous approach helps me to remember what he is teaching even better. Because Daryll is such an effective teacher, I have the confidence to practice Reiki on others and myself. I am very lucky to have completed the Traditional Usui Reiki course with Daryll as my Reiki Master and teacher. I look forward to attending Daryll's Monday morning Qi Gong classes every week. Thank you Daryll for all you have taught me and all you will teach me in future classes. Sincerely yours, Alice



I have been attending Daryll's Chi Gung classes for three years now, after first attending a short course he held at Panton Hill Living and Learning Centre. At the time I was impressed by the time Daryll took to explain the philosophy behind this ancient Chinese practice, and to lay the necessary groundwork before our practice could begin.

At the end of those eight weeks I had already noticed a significant improvement in my general health, my energy levels, and my sense of well being. Since then I have regularly attended classes at Daryll's Warrandyte center, including throughout my second pregnancy (age 39).

I am convinced that doing Chi Gung with Daryll led to the fast and trouble free labour I experienced (a far cry from my first experience of giving birth seven years earlier). I now have a strong and supple body, more akin to my 20 year old body than that of my thirties, when I had some serious back and neck issues.

I look forward to my weekly class, held at the ungodly hour of 7am (Daryll offers a range of classes but this time suits me). I know that whatever state I arrive in, I will leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, centred and energised. And I'll have had a few laughs - Daryll has a unique personality and sense of humour, which makes the class a real pleasure.

I am happy, healthy, and regularly have friends commenting on how well I look - for which I give full credit to my Chi Gung practice. I highly recommend Daryll's classes to those open minded souls who are looking for spiritual and physical wellbeing, and are willing to suspend any preconceptions long enough to experience its effects.

Kate (Student)


Daryll Mitchell is a most accomplished speaker. In fact he is so funny that he very soon has his audiences 'eating out of the palm of his hand'. What's more, his light style of presentation ensures his information really hits home.

On the serious side of things, his knowledge is both broad and deep. So the audience is both highly amused and deeply respectful of this amazing man.

Elizabeth Stephens - editor of Living Now magazine

(Daryll presented as a speaker for our "retreat weekends")