Study for fun, personal development or to work for yourself in a career you love. Study for skills for health maintenence & healing for yourself and your family or train to become a clinic practitioner or teacher. All classes are held in a comfortable Feng Shui aligned environment. You are free to ask questions, sit where you like & have a cuppa whilst you study, We provide high quality teachings (most classes conducted by Daryll Mitchell - the college principal himself). Mr Mitchell will liase with you personally to assist your studies, personal energy attunements & quality of work.

Should you decide to study by correspondence you will find the courses easy to understand & work through. You determine the speed with which you complete the course(s) - there is no time limit. You will receive the appropriate certificates / diplomas as you continue through - just as if you had attended the courses personally. In person or by correspondence - you may begin your studies at any time of the year.

Many are recognised in more than 1 certificate or Diploma so you may receive several accreditation credits for completing the 1 course. (refer to the Diploma Application pages for more information)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this course suitable for beginners or advanced students?

As you can choose whichever courses appeal to you and have them build upon each other to provide certificates & diplomas, you can commence study at any stage you are at.

From beginners to intermediate and advanced, even just for your own personal interest. We are delighted to offer you a varied structure of topics ,with a combination of theory and practical experiences which allow beginners to adjust at a gradual and comfortable pace whilst providing advanced students with innovative, stimulating activities, thought provoking discussion and the support and guidance to fine tune areas of previous study whilst gaining new skills.

Do I have homework?

Your homestudy activities are part of your training and designed to assist you to develop the necessary qualities as a professional health practitioner (whether for business or your own use). Certain classes will require you to practice your new skills on another person, however there are many activities which focus on self awareness, self healing and your own lifestyle improvements. As you study you will discover that you are becoming more centred, balanced and harmonious. In some cases, you may be aligning your home / workplace into a more successful and harmonious environment. Perfect skills to create a better space for yourself and others around you.

At the end of each course you will be required to return your test papers (see below).

Why Study with us?

Daryll & Lesley Mitchell have been teaching for over 26 years each. Unlike some companies where you are simply shipped some papers and never see a real person, they are dedicated to the work they do. Each year they teach, lecture and author books worldwide as well as offering spiritual & healing journeys, operate very busy private & public healing clinics & teach many in person classes. You are not simply purchasing a course, you are sharing a wealth of knowledge & healing experiences. If you get 'stuck' you have support & are dealing with 'real' people, not just an online business. We have trained 1000's of successful practitioners worldwide, most of whom started off just like you. We look forward to sharing with you. You can read more of Lesley & Daryll’s qualifications under the “about us” link on the home page.

What if I need personal assistance?

Should you need assistance - we are happy to chat with you via phone, email or in person by appointment. We are dedicated to making your learning beneficial and a personal growth experience.

We are not interested in selling you a course and never hearing from you again. We are dedicated to excellent healing work being provided around the globe. We prefer to develop a long term relationship with you where we share your blossoming skills & see you develop many healing abilities & knowledge.

* Gain skills in your own home *

Do I have a time frame to complete the course in?

There is no time frame - you can complete them as you like, however we recommend you complete them as quickly as you can manage as the information will be fresher in your mind and you will find the study easier. Also you will stay excited and enthusiastic about the material you are learning the more efficiently you get into the course material. 

All courses can be undertaken at any time, there is no time limit.

How do I demonstrate proficiency in practical work?

In some courses where the emphasis is on your personal practical skills such as Qi Gong cultivation, you may be required to take a short video / DVD of yourself and return it to your teacher to watch your form. This is a valuable tool as your teacher will be able to provide feedback, advice and suggestions on your form to assist in your training.

How do I get my certificates?

At the culmination of any correspondence course(s), students are required to return their test papers, along with a security code number (found inside the kit). Your papers are marked and returned (via email or you are welcome to send a stamp self addressed A4 envelope if you wish them posted, or pick up if convenient) with your certificate and their results are recorded with Renascent, The International College of Intuitive Sciences and The International College of Gem Essences for accreditation.

How are my Courses Presented?

All correspondence courses come beautifully packaged in sturdy presentation boxes (book style). Course is presented on audio tapes/CD/DVD (depending on chosen course) with applicable products which may include: books, manuals, test papers, brochures, crystals, pendulums, dowsing rods (*Note - not all courses contain all these items). Full color photos and descriptions front & back Very easy to market, simply keep 1 of each in stock!

* Add to your business services*


Upon completion, what qualifications does the course provide me?

Upon successful completion of your chosen  course, you gain the qualification of a complementary therapist in the modality chosen. Complementary therapies is one of the most rapidly growing industries. It provides practitioners with a multitude of career options.

Many of our students have gone on to work in health centres, private practices, clinics, aged care services, training, teaching, adult education, counselling and many more exciting topics & life paths.

Many also begin their own successful business offering services including space clearing and feng shui consultations for homes & businesses.

How do I receive energy attunements such as for Reiki & Qi Gong?

During the course a Qi field is created each time the material is played. By sitting watching the course, you will also be included in this Qi field and can receive benefit from the material. In the cases of attunements being provided, you simply contact Renascent directly when you are ready to receive your attunements. Your teacher will work out a convenient time with you where you are both present (& awake) at the same time – no matter where in the world you are. You will sit peacefully and your attunements will be sent to you via distance attunements. You have the opportunity to chat (via phone or email) with your instructor (in most cases this is directly with Daryll Mitchell, the college principal) & share your experience, feedback and any questions personally.

For students that are in Melbourne (or other locations when Mr Mitchell is on tour) these attunements can be provided in person by getting together at a convenient time.


I am receiving benefits & unemployed at present, can centrelink pay for my courses?

We have been paid via centrelink and some new start programs for some of our courses (mainly in kinesiology). We have also had companies pay for courses for students who are being retrenched, retrained or getting back into the workforce.

Please speak to your workplace or centrelink representative to see what may be available for your circumstances. We are more than happy to liaise with them and provide any receipts / paper work they may require to assist your studies.

Are my certificates professional in appearance

The certificates are A4 or A 3 in size and are beautifully presented in color.

They are signed by your instructor &/or college principal and in many cases sealed with a gold seal.

We do not see your certificates as “just a piece of paper” we see them as a sign of your dedication, your financial and energy investment in your training and a recognition of the skills you have acquired. We find that practitioners that display their certificates where their patients can see them have greater confidence entrusted to them and often more rapid healings with their clients as their trust is placed with their practitioner.

We want you to proudly display them and ensure they look attractive as well as professional.

Do some students study only for personal reasons?

Absolutely, many of our students study for personal reasons. Many of these also discover that along the way the material has had such a profound effect on their life that they change direction and choose it as a career.

Written and practical homework is optional for students that do not wish to receive a professional certificate upon completion of the course. However, our thoughts are – you have come this far – why not apply anyway, it is not difficult to do as you have the information anyway and you never know where your certificates will take you in the future. We always feel it is nice to receive something to recognise your efforts.

Can I pay off my courses in instalments?

Certainly, we are able to invoice you for your chosen course(s) and keep records of all your payments. Once your course payment is finalised we will ship to you. You can make payments as small as $10 per week

Can I get a discount off multiple courses?

Certainly, we offer a 15% discount off the lower priced course when purchased together.

Can I get a discount on products related to my course?

Absolutely. In many courses related products / manuals are included FREE with the course, however additional products are often bundled up as a value pack. See individual course details on the website for more offers.

What Qualifications are available to me?

Most classes are individually certifed, however these hours are also recognised towards higher accreditation. These are updated as new topics are developed, however currently we offer certification in:

Certificate of Reiki Professional Practitioner
Certificate of Reiki 1 & 2 Teacher  
Certificate of Doujou Reiki Professional Practitioner
Diploma of Reiki

Certificate of Natural Health Sciences 
Diploma of Natural Health Sciences

Certificate of Basic Kinesiology
Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Consultant

Certificate of Feng Shui & Geomancy
Professional Feng Shui & Geomancy Consultant
Diploma of Feng Shui & Geomancy
Certificate of Professional Tien Ti Master

(Proficiency available in: WujiDragon Gate, Seven Star, Zhineng, Guigen, Fragrant Gong, Tai Chi, Medical, Dong Yi Gong, Tian Ming Gong, Shaolin, Ba Duan Jin)

Certificate of Qi Gong Cultivation Practitioner
Diploma of Qi Gong Cultivation Practitioner


Certificate of Medical Qi Gong Practitioner Level 1
Diploma of Medical Qi Gong Practitioner

How are the courses accredited, Can I get Insurance & Health rebates?

All of our in person and correspondence courses (with the exception of some practice DVD's) are individually certified as well as being accredited towards professional certificates and diplomas (if desired), many qualify you as an immediate practitioner (depending on the modality chosen).

They are recognised by "Renascent", "The International College of Intuitive Sciences" (ICIS), "The International College of Gem Essences" (ICGE), OAMPS Insurance Brokers & Insurance House (allowing you to purchase inexpensive practitioner insurance policies as part of a group buying power if desired). Many of the courses are also recognised by individual teachers and masters worldwide.

In the case of Qi Gong - higher grading levels are available if required.   With IICT membership (International Institute of Complementary therapists), you may also apply to “The Australian Traditional Medical Society” (ATMS) as a practitioner as a member of these societies you may be eligible to be supplied with a health provider number. With IICT registration, this will also allow you to purchase a bulk discounted OAMPS package if required (around $120 year).

Insurance House (underwritten by Lloyds of London) will also allow you to receive a discounted price (as part of a bulk package) with any Renascent certificate that qualifies you as a practitioner of that modality.

Please visit Insurance Houses website to download the forms & fill out to apply for bulk practitioner insurance,

With your certification, (some companies may require a provider number) you will be able to provide a receipt for your patients, which will allow them to receive a rebate should they have private health cover that recognises the modalities you are qualified in (this varies from insurance companies).