Clay MP Soap Base DIY You Choose Base - BLEND YOURSELF 1kg


Clay Powder soap for a lovely skin softening feel, natural look and so nice on your skin.

1kg PURE NATURAL CLAY SOAP BASE - For Skin Hydration.

Choose from Red Clay, White Clay, Pink Clay, Black Clay, Green Clay

(with Melt & Pour Soap Base of your choice)  

Click on the images for some great ideas - the coloured soaps are made using the clays and the pigment dyes and the soap art pieces are made from our workshops, our artists & the fantastic Renascent molds - you are buying the soap base! 

  • Packaged simply in 1kg blocks with NATURAL CLAY  to go in your Soap Base (separate package)
  • A perfect Gardeners Hand Soap
  • AUSTRALIAN CLAY- Low carbon footprint
  • Luxurious rich emoliant creamy - enhances skin nourishing & smoothing properties
    : Add to your Melted melt and pour soap base to create luxurious rich soaps - alternatively, mix with a little purified water to a cream and add into melted soap base. 
  • The addition of CLAYS to your MP soap base will increase moisturising and skin soothing properties to your soap bars
  • *Please note, this soap base will come with a packet of Clay Powder (5gm per kg)- you melt it down and add in to your soap base to make Milk Bath soap - We allow you to add it when ready to prolong your shelf life.
    Please note: Clays may not produce the vivid colours in the images (they are essentially mud) you may need to add pigments to your soaps to achieve vivid colours, although the clays will add definite skin soothing properties
  • You can add up to 5% (50gm per 1kg), if you wish to make it super creamy - we sell the Clay Powders in 100gm or 1kg packs if you wish extra. You can add extra to this purchase with no additonal shipping to pay (just ask us to combine your items)

Australian Clay

Your skin will feel soft, clean and will have a radiant glow, perfect for a pre party pick me up – gorgeous!

When using Superfine Clay add purified water, or floral water, mix into a paste and blend through your melted soap base.

We recommend that you also try adding your preference of essential oils or dried herbs to compliment the mix.

(Pink Clay - sensitive Skin, Green Clay - Oily skin, Yellow clay - Dehydrated skin, White Clay- Sensitive skin, gentle Nurturing, smoothing, also makes soap frothier, Black - cleansing, Red - Great colourant and enriching) 

Mix with a little water and add to melted soap base to create creamy, moisturising soaps. 

COMPLETELY VEGAN! (Except the Goats Milk Base)