Soap Making Kit: 3kg Soap, 1 Tray, 1 Silicone Mould, 2 Colours

Create your own Natural Soap, So simple a child can make it, beautiful gifts.

If you are selling your soaps – we recommend a price of $5 each, This kit will make 30 x (100gm soaps), or 60 x (50gm soaps)

 Anyone would love this gift - fun, delightful & useful items.  (Create your own special gifts or a new business skill today)  

 Your soap making kit contains:

  • 3kgs pure melt & mold soap base ($13.90 each = $41.70) * If you have a preference for white or clear please let us know
  • 2 X concentrated (Brick) Soap Colors (Approx' 50mm x 25mm) - Pure Pigments - this is a concentrated colour that is already melted into the soap - You just shave some off and add as much as you like to colour up your soaps (If you require more colours, we sell the soap dyes in bottles or multi brick packs)
  • 1 X PVC tray mould ($8.90) Style may vary
  • 3 X High Quality plastic moulds (Style may vary $2.90-$6.90 each) or 1 x high quality silicone soap mould tray ( just depends on what we have the most in stock of at the time your kit is packed)
  • * Instruction booklet ($4.99) on dowloadable format, FREE – via link enclosed with kit

 VALUE $92.40- $110.40 (depending on silicone mould selected) - All for $59 - Great Savings

    We often get large qtys of certain moulds / colours in stock, this is our way of clearing the larger qtys.
  • The catch:
    None really - a terrific way to begin or add to your collection. You get a great saving by buying in bulk.

A perfect starter kit for yourself or a great gift idea - so simple the kids will love it - A great way to fill the holidays and you get to use all the gorgeous soap they create - terrific!