How to make Fish in a Bag Soaps

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Fish in a bag soaps are undoubtedly one of the cutest soaps you can make.

There's a few tips and techniques that will assist you to get it flowing easily.

You can make the fish from soap, click HERE for our "animals" soap Moulds, we will be adding more fish moulds very soon, you can just drop your fish in the bag or you can wire it to hold it in place, Here's the basic instructions using wire and then without. Scroll down for the advanced tips and ideas.


Simply make a hole with a pin in your plastic fish,click HERE for the plastic fish (ours are designed for soaps and will sink rather than float on the surface. 

Poke the wire through and bend underneath the fish. Click HERE for the Wires.

Pop it into the bag - we use the self seal plastic bags over cellophane as they are more durable, won't easily melt or fall apart, the sealing strip allows the pegs to grip your bag so it doesn't slide through and "sploosh" melted soap everywhere and they don't wrinkle as easily once completed. You can choose any size bag but we use the 4 x 6 inch self seal bags.

You can hold the bag with one hand and pour with the other, get a friend to assist you, use a funnel or pop it in a mug whilst you fill it.

Fill the bag to the desired height (amount) of melted soap base. We recommend Original Ultra Clear as the clearest base. Ensure the soap is not too hot as it may melt the bag and will create bubbles and lose clarity.

Tie the top of the bag, we recommend our Twist Tie Ribbon Bows for ease of use and to make perfect bows every time, click HERE for the ribbon bows.

Plastic Clothes hangers make it easyClip up (we use the $2 shop plastic clothes lines with all the pegs), then taking the wire, move the fish around in the bag of melted soap until it is "swimming" where you like. Allow to set.

Dead fish in a bagThe Fish in a Bag Wires really do make it a lot easier, as they are resusable, super thin, have a firm strength and won't leave a visible mark if removed when just set (not fully hardened). The other benefits include that you will no longer have the awful realisation of  "dead fish" (upside down) in your bags as each fish will swim exactly where you want it to.
Once the soap is set but not fully hardened gently pull on the wire and it will slide out, you can wash it and reuse it.
Snip the top off the seal seal bag, so it is now just a standard bag, containing your fish in a bag soap bar.
- - - - - - - - - - 
Use the same instructions as above omitting the wire, just drop your fish into the bag and add the soap, once clipped up, use your fingers to move the fish into the corner of the bag and you have a few minutes to manipulate it before it sets and leaves marks.
- - - - - - - - - - 
If you want to create a fun soap, you can just add the fish to a soap bar without the bag.
Pour a thin layer of clear soap into a mould and press your plastic fish in, allow to set without moving. Once set Spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol and pour a layer of white soap base, allow to set. Unmould!
- - - - - - - - - - 


Using our Liquid Soaps, you can add a little fish in the bottom of the container or use the Shampoo / Bath Goo base to suspend him. Pour half the bottle full, place your fish and then fill up. So cute!


  • Move the fish to the outside of the bag to see it more clearly, even in the clearest soaps, a fish right in the middle of the soap is harder to see.

  • Adding the slightest touch of blue to your soap base will make the "water" appear clearer (We use a drop of blue pigment in water and then add a few drops of the water to the melted soap base so it is only a hint of blue)

  • Take a little Rock Salt and place in a bag with Mica Powder and shake to colour the rock salt with beautiful non bleeding colours, add a small amount of this in the bottom of the bag for "aquarium pebbles"

  • Use our Original Ultra Clear Soap base for the best results: Melt, spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol, Allow to sit and any bubbles or impurities will come to the surface and form a "skin", poke through the skin and pour the underneath soap base it, pour carefully to avoid bubbles.

Colourful, fun, Fish in a bag SoapsHere's the links to the supplies you will need:

Non Colouring Fragrances: