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Are you ready for a new adventure?

Would you like to have a successful creative and financially abundant business?

Would you like to be your own boss in a job where you are sharing with great creative people making wonderful usable works of art and getting paid well for your efforts?

Join the ranks of the Renascent Soap Art Instructor team. You will be rewarded, appreciated and part of a wonderfully creative network of people.

How do you get started as an accredited soap art instructor?

Read the basic information in this image and see if this is something that you can see fitting into your lifestyle? Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Sounds like a match –Have a read through these FAQ’s and make sure it is something you’d love to do. All Still sounding great? It does to us too, what’s not to love - then contact Renascent Bath and Body for an interview.
This can be done by: Phone, Skype or In Person

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After your interview andacceptance as a Renascent Instructor – you are ready to commence your business training and are on your way to become a certified instructor.
You will receive your certificate, your kit and all of your legal papers in the mail or in person.Begin teaching classes and share with a wonderfully creative group of people, being financially supported.

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Soap Art Instructors F.A.Q’s

Does it cost me anything to join up as a soap art instructor?

No payment is required for any of your interviews or business plan meetings. Once you have been accepted as a soap art instructor you will need to attend a basic Soap Art workshop. At the moment these are only done in person in Melbourne, however if you get a group of people together we may be able to come to you. We are also in the process of filming these classes so they will be available over distance without lengthy travel.

If you cannot attend in person you can get a group together and we will have one of our Representatives come to your area to do the training for you or alternatively we may be able to create a webinar where you can login for your training from interstate.

There is a nominal fee for the basic workshop (usually around $40 for a full days workshop)
After your basic workshops you will join us in an instructor training course (in person or by manual with a personal meeting allocated to fill in any gaps, this can be done via phone or skype).
There is no cost for this.

Do I have to purchase anything?

To commence your soap art workshops you will need to purchase a basic kit that contains all of the products you will need to teach classes .
If you have already been soaping for some time you may have most of these products.

You have 2 options.

This kit it is only available to our certified instructors and is yours to keep once you have purchased it.

It has a retail value of $1150 worth of products

BONUS CASHBACK: Upon teaching your third class you will receive a $300 cash back from this kit. This can be paid as a direct cash deposit to you or you may take it as additional products to this value.

Is the kit and it’s contents mine to keep?
Absolutely, once you have paid for it, it is entirely yours to keep

What if I don’t manage to teach any workshops?
We really want to see your business succeed, so we will be contacting you, supporting you and seeing what we can do to assist you getting off the ground. However, in the unlikely event you do not teach any workshops, the kit is still yours to keep at the reduced price, you simply will not receive the $300 cash back. 

Do you accept anyone who applies as a soap art instructor?
In short – No! we hand select people that we feel would work well running their own business and becoming part of the Renascent team.
We want to make sure this role is suited to you and you are suited to it. We want to know you are enthusiastic, dynamic, creative and can work well alone and as an Australia wide leading instructor. This role does not suit everyone, this is why the interview process is so important. We all become part of an extended family and will only accept a few people per area.

Do I need to travel to Melbourne to do my training?
Not necessarily, you can choose to get a group of people together and we will have one of our trainers come to your area to do your training and teach some workshops for you or alternatively we may be able to organise your training to be done via webinar or Skype.

Do I get paid for teaching the workshops and product sales?
You get 100 percent of the payment for the workshops and you also receive a sliding scale of commissions on all of the sales you make depending on the tier you are sitting at as an instructor.

How much money am I likely to make?
This varies greatly depending on how many people you have in your class and the amount of sales.
Generally instructors make between $150 dollars and $1500 dollars per 2-4 hour workshop.

Do I need to purchase anything to become an instructor?
Only your Instructor Training Kit of products as discussed above.
You may also like to buy carry bags but nothing is required.

Am I certified and insured?
Yes absolutely.
We will issue you with your yearly certificates and cover you with instructor insurance

Do I need Personal Insurance for my soaps and bath & Body products?
Yes, this is strongly recommended if you are selling or giving away finished products. Your Renascent Bath & Body Insurance will only cover you as an instructor, not for the sale or gifting of items. We have negotiated a great group insurance deal which you can join in on for $410pa or $34 per month. This will also cover you for markets.

Can I bring in other products from other companies?
In short – No. One of the agreements we require is for you to sign exclusively to Renascent Bath & Body and only use our products in your workshops. We will be supporting you, offering you commissions on sales, bonus products, monthly specials to encourage your sales, free trainings and updates and greatly supporting you and your business. As such we require you to sign a contract honouring to use only Renascent Bath & Body Products. This is also a requirement for your insurance as it covers Renascent products, should you introduce other products into your workshops it will cancel your accreditation & negate your insurance.

Can I teach different classes?
Absolutely Yes! As you master level 1 in your classes, we will introduce different levels and workshops for you to train to teach, enabling you to bring back past students/customers, keep them interested and build your business further.

Are there any ongoing fees that I need to pay as an instructor?

There is a yearly membership fee of $80, which covers all of your insurance, invitations to special instructor only training and invitations to participate in retreats away. It also gives you access to special trainings, discounted products, discounts of your own purchases and updated certificates - required by the insurance company. There are many other benefits as a soap art instructor for your own business as an instructor or as a soap maker. We are here to support you in your business in any way we can. You will be working with leading Professionals to keep you ahead of the game, dynamic, motivated and financially abundant.
Your yearly membership begins on the 1st of August each year and partial payment is available from February.

Are updates required?
Yes we require you to attend an update twice a year (preferably monthly) to make sure you are ahead of the game and updated on changing times.
This update can be done in several ways.
You may choose to join us on a yearly Retreat which is a great fun way to connect with other instructors and have a joy filled holiday while still being completely tax deductible.
Alternatively you can log in via webinar at least twice a year to receive all of your updates.
We offer fortnightly updates for you to grow your business should you wish to share them with us.

Do I also receive discounts on my own purchases?
Yes, as long as you log your personal purchases through with a workshop order, you will also receive commissions on your own purchases the same as the sliding scale tier you are on – up to 20% off your personal purchases.

How many workshops do I need to teach each year to stay certified?
You must teach a minimum of 4 workshop per year (1 every 90 days/3 months) to stay accredited as an instructor. We feel this is completely achievable and will add to your business in a smooth, comfortable manner. However, your yearly membership fees are required and do not change regardless of how many workshops you teach. Hence you are always better off teaching as many as possible – aim for at least once a week.
In order to really make your business successful, we suggest you aim for a minimum of 2 workshops per month.

Do I have to do paperwork after each class?
Yes, but we will guide you and make it as simply as possible. This is required to keep your insurance active and it should take no more than 15 minutes

Do I need to have a business name and an ABN?
The business name is not necessary – although many of our instructors do already have their own established businesses/companies. An ABN however is required. This can be applied for online and is free.

Is this my business or do I work for Renascent?
This is entirely your business, with support, guidance and commissions paid to you by Renascent. You are responsible for your bookings, your sales, your business insurance on loss (we cover you with liability and product indemnity), your taxation and your accounting.

Who is responsible for my taxation and accounting?
You are – this is your business as a sub-contractor to Renascent

It seems like Money for Jam, what’s the catch?
There really isn’t one. We aim to be as transparent as possible, keep your start-up costs and your yearly fees as low as possible. Whilst you receive a handsome amount of money for teaching classes we gain new ongoing customers and so it really is a win win situation.

Can I put up one of my staff members to become an Instructor and teach on behalf of my business?
You can. Although please be noted that we will be certifying that particular person, rather than your business, the policy will be in their personal name and should they leave your business, the certification goes with them. They remain an accredited Renascent Bath & Body Instructor. You may arrange a personal contract with them to purchase the kit in your business name and thus retain ownership of all products however, all training would be done for and with a specific person.  Should they leave and you wish to continue teaching classes, you would need to train another staff member and pay for their yearly membership.

If the first staff member wishes to keep teaching as their own business, as long as they pay their yearly membership they are most welcome to do so.

Do I have to supply all the materials used in my classes?
Yes, but most of this will come from your kit, you will really only need to top up the soap bases regularly, all other items you will only use a little per class.

Who pays for what I use in my classes?
You do. However, you are able to receive discounts and of course you get to keep all the class fees, as a rule of thumb, you will use around $5 worth of products per person, per class and remember you keep 100% of the class fees

If one of my customers contacts Renascent directly do I still receive a commission on anything they purchase?
No, any direct sales will exclude you from commissions. If we are notified or aware that they are one of your customers, we will always suggest they place their order through you so you will receive your commission on sales. In order to assist you in securing your customers loyalty, we will offer you special bonus items/free gifts/discounts which you can pass on to your customers that they would not receive if they placed their order with renascent directly.

Do I have to teach a workshop to take ongoing sales from my previous customers?
No, you can log through sales from any of your customers with or without a workshop, however your commissions are slightly higher when they are logged through as a group from a workshop and the postal fees will be added to each order, thus making it slightly cheaper to order in a bulk lot.

After I teach a workshop how do I get my orders logged through?
We will cover all this and more in your training, rest assured it is all very easy

If I have a problem is there someone I can contact?
Absolutely, we are here for you. Whilst we cannot always guarantee an immediate response, we can pretty much always get back to you within 24hours. We have a legal team (for insurance) for any tricky questions. A soap team for creativity, ideas and how to’s, a chemistry team to answer any technical questions you may have. By becoming a certified instructor, you are teaming with a group of leading professionals.

Further Questions?
Have you got some questions or thoughts that are not in this document?
We try to think of everything you would like to know, but there’s always something we didn’t consider. Please send your questions to us and we will answer them and add them to this document for other prospective instructors.

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