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Level 1 Soap Making Instructors

Also Bath & Body Products - Free to join – nominal once off admin fee (currently waived) to create your listing, which rolls over each year at no cost to you again). 

  1. Any soap teachers/instructors can join in - worldwide
    Not certified or recognised by RBB but listed on our website for any students to find you
  2. You can use any soap making process you like and are welcome to use products from any company
  3. Complimentary Membership to Renascent Instructor only facebook groups and networking

You are not insured nor recognised as a Renascent Instructor, however we do recognise you as a personal instructor and list your details on our instructor web pages where you are open to far more publicity.

This is the page for you, click purchase now – it costs only $5 admin fee (once off not annually*)

You will automatically receive a digital document to fill out emailed directly to you, fill it out and email back to us and we will have you listed on our “Find a Soap Instructor” page quicker than dropping a slippery soap.

*Subject to change at any time without notice, valid in 2019


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Elite Instructors use RBB products, have MANY benefits including insurance, click above to work out which is best for you.