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Renascent Bath Body Elite Instructors

CREATE WITH US: Our friendly instructors would love to assist you to unleash your creativity and take you from beginners to professional in a fun hands on workshop.

WHAT WE OFFER: Some have specialty areas and can teach different workshops. At the bottom of this page is a description of each workshop the instructors can teach you. Some offer private parties - eg - kids parties where they can teach the kids how to make soaps as part of the event. Some teach in schools, disability centres or aged care facilities and all will give workshops in your community event centre or for your group.

WHAT YOU GET: A great event which is all about you, lots of fun, some laughs and the ability to take you to soap maker for yourself and gifts, through to building a professional business if desired. All classes will give you soap creations to take home with you and costs include all material fees

WHY CHOOSE US: All Soap Art instructors listed here are accredited workshop instructors, all have passed exams and training and have up to date insurance, not to mention their great experience! You can organise an event with them for personal use, fundraising or a get together with friends resting confidently in their abilities & insurance.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Please contact your individual instructor to inquire about their upcoming class dates, vacancies and availability. *Note - Soap Art Instructors are not employees of Renascent, they are all Self Employed in their own businesses, following Renascent guidelines and training. When you take a workshop with these lovely people, you are supporting Australian Small Businesses.


*Instructors are grouped below by state 


Heather Burton

Lesley Mitchell


Ashlea Houlden

Sylvia Lopes


Jan Levinge

  • Location: Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, 
    Classes by appointment at Runaway Bay. 
  • Phone: 07 5537 2407 / 0419 019 877
  • Email:
  • Services Available: Basic MP Soap Art Workshop, Advanced MP Soap Art Workshop

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We would love to have instructors in every state. Join our fun, vibrant team and build your own business. You will get training, support, advertising for your business on this page and Instructor only events. Meanwhile Soap Art DVD's are available if there is no instructor in your state and many of our instructors will travel interstate if you get a series of classes together with them or assist you with accommodation if you wish to meet them in their state,

Class Descriptions for Elite Renascent Bath & Body Instructors: See bottom of page:



Private Soap Instructors

Please click HERE to have your name listed here (it's free) - we are just starting this list and would love to make it wonderfully comprehensive enabling students all over the world to find someone to teach them and begin or enhance their soap making journey.


Heather Burton (Elite Instructor - Details Above)

Lesley Mitchell (Elite Instructor - Details Above)

Robyn Sawyer - Lindhurst - 0404299791 (MP)



Ashlea Houlden (Elite Instructor - Details Above)

Sylvia Lopes (Elite Instructor - Details Above)

Sarah Trissie Nocom - Stanhope Gardens - 0402 246 748 (MP Soap Art)



Melitta Buckley - Bethania - 0405 188 130 (MP)

Elizabeth Gofton - Vincent - 0400 590 616 (MP Classes, Kids Classes, Events)

Jan Griffiths - Redbank Plains - 0404 304 403 (MP)

Jan Levinge - (Elite Instructor - Details Above)

Merle Simpson - Ingham - (MP)



Shereen Czingler - South Yunderup - 0478 390 792 (MP)


Other Countries


Ashley Green - Online Teacher (in English), Liquid Soap (Cold Process, Hot Process, 30-Minute Liquid Soap) Hot Process (Low Temperature, High Temperature, Fluid Hot Process) Soap Chemistry, Recipe Formulating, MP Bases & Transparent Soap Making.   /


Class Descriptions for Elite Renascent Bath & Body Instructors:

*MP = Melt & Pour

Beginners Soap Art Workshop
Learn how to melt, fragrance and pour your own soap bars


  • Melt & Pour – basic & simple soap making
  • Moulding – basic molds to advanced
  • Colors & fragrancing – essential oils & fragrant
  • Layering – colors & styles
  • Gold Dust & Mica Sparkles
  • Shimmer Soap – luxurious & indulgent
  • Soap petals – great guest soaps
  • Guest Soaps
  • Embedding objects & plastic toys
  • Basic & simple soap making, no experience required, you can make soap in under 30 minutes, so simple even children can do it


 Advanced Soap Art Workshop

Learn how to take your soaps to the next level - creating basic Soap Art Projects

  • Layering
  • Soap Art Cakes
  • Frothing & enhancements
  • Embeds & multi level moulding
  • "Goldfish in a bag"
  • Transfers & soap images
  • Guilding & Shimmering - Gold Dust & Mica Sparkles - Shimmer Soap – luxurious & indulgent
  • Soap Gem creations
  • Botanicals & additives - Buttermilk Soaps
  • Getting all the steps "right"
  • Unleashing your creative talents
  • + much more - Bring a smile & be ready to have some fun unfolding the next step of your beautiful creativity.


Soap Painting & Decals Workshop
Discover how your soaps can come alive with images & decorations.

  • Transfers & soap images
  • Water Slide Decals
  • Water Dissolving Paper
  • Embedding Images within Your Soaps
  • Personalising Your Soaps
  • Adding Business Logos or Photographs Within Your Soaps
  • Using Soap Paints For Highlights and Special Effects


Bathing Crystals & Lip Balms Workshop
Discover how inexpensively your can create luxurious bathing delights. Delicious Lip Balms, perfect gifts for little (and bigger girls).

  • Colouring & Fragrancing Bathing Crystals
  • Layering Bathing Crystals
  • Gold Nugget and Gemstone Bathing Crystals
  • Delicious Natural Lip Balms
  • Beautiful Packaging and Presentations
  • Learn to make gifts for under 50c that would cost up to $20 in stores


Gemstone & Crystals Soap Art Workshop
Delight in making soaps that look like actual gemstones and crystals

  • Colouring & Fragrancing Gem Soaps
  • Guest Soaps of Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires
  • Soap Gem creations
  • Amethyst Clusters
  • Quartz Crystal Points
  • Opal & Agate Gem Soaps
  • Beautiful Packaging and Presentations
  • Learn to make gifts for under $2 that would cost up to $50 in stores
  • These soaps will amaze your friends and family and add a truly special line to your soap sales

Many More Specialty Workshops are available, we look forward to sharing them with you.

If there is something you would like to learn that is not covered here, please contact us and we will see if it is possible.