Our People

Mitchell family in China 2002

Daryll and Lesley Mitchell are the founders and Dynamic force behind Renascent College and Renascent Bath & Body.

 A photo of Daryll, Lesley & Gabriel in 2000 in China taking a healing Tour.

A few of the Qualifications of Daryll & Lesley Mitchell: 

Daryll Mitchell Performing in the FolliesDaryll Mitchell - Master &  teacher in: Reiki (7 Systems), Medical, Taoist & Buddhist Qi Gong Teacher, Feng Shui, Geomancy.  Bachelor Degree in Alternative Systems of Medicine (BASM), Vibrational Medicine, Musician, Kinesiologist, Kinesiology Instructor, Tao Initiate, Author.

Daryll is an award winning musician, author and theatre producer, director and actor. He is the talent behind most of the music on any of our videos, film clips and DVD's. He presents most of the correspondence courses and study fields and you can book in and have an in person healing session with him.

Daryll is passionate about: Music, theatre, motorbikes, travel, mountain climbing (he has done Mt Everest base camp) and supporting upcoming young Actors, Musicians and Natural Therapists and Healers


Lesley MitchellLesley Mitchell’s qualifications include: Dip.Gemmologist (FGAA), Dip. Metaphysics, Kinesiology Instructor & Practitioner, Natural Therapist (Australian Traditional Medical Society), Beauty Therapist (Previous trainer for Clarins skin care), Independant Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Gem Essence Instructor & Facilitator Trainer, Herbalist, Artist, Vibrational Healer, Feng Shui & Geomancy Practitioner & Instructor, Chef, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tao Initiate, International Author & lecturer.

Lesley is an Author and Artist in: gemmology, silicone mould making, carving, lost wax relief, stone carving, jewellery design and manufacture, building, soap maker, resin, ferro cement, cake decorating, chef, chocolate design. She has a personal readership of around 700,000 readers on weekendnotes and is the author of many published books and manuscripts. She is the creative force behind most of what happens here and hand makes nearly all our master for our moulds and designs.

Lesley is passionate about: Assisting small business owners succeed, she brings everything together to make your dreams possible (including the stuff you don't want to know about: insurance, equipment that gives you back your time to be creative), she loves people, teaching workshops and lecturing and travel. She works with the autism spectrum and outreach programs and indigenous communities around the world and embraces sustainability, fair trade and self sufficiency. She loves assisting entrepreneurs, especially the young ones.



Assists with products, marketing, instagram and youtube. Zee is a young dynamo and the powerhouse behind many of our products and loves engaging with dynamic people and entrepreneurs. 

Zee is passionate about: health and healthy living, photography, marketing, social media and graphic design is your go to for a great handle on the young market. 

Zee works as a co collaborator with Renascent College and Renascent Bath and Body.



Assists with products, packaging, phone inquiries and packing orders. Emily is a happy, cheerful team member who always has a smile and loves seeing your creations. She is the backbone of most orders going out and loves quirky behaviors and  engaging with Creative people. 

Emily is passionate about: health and mental wellbeing, psychology, exploring peoples driving forces and unexplained mysteries. 

Emily works as a co collaborator with Renascent College and Renascent Bath and Body.



Renascent Bath & Body Soap Art InstructorsOur Soap Art Instructors:
Meet the gals!

Click HERE to see our current instructors, their location and what they offer. They are a fabulous group of women and we are honoured they work along side us.



Emma Mitchell Belle Rose NurseyEmma Mitchell:

The youngest of the Mitchell clan, Emma is 14 years old and is a firm entrepreneur. She works in musical theatre and has had 3 lead roles in productions, including an upcoming event. She was home schooled, attended Village school, 2014-2015 at Green School in Bali training as an earth Warrior and at 10 years old built her own website and began her reborn doll making business - Belle Rose Nursery.

She attended the Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurial Business school for children and was awarded a position in the "Hall of Heroes" at Templestowe College. She is a talented artist, makes some of the masters and moulds for Renascent Bath & Body and whips everyone else into shape whenever she is about. Emma is the driving force for herself and steers her own boat through life, pulling most of us along whenever we can catch up to her.


Gabriel Mitchell:
Is an innovative IT force, what he doesn't know probably doesn't need to be generally known. He is 19 years old and has been home schooled and completed Cert 3 in IT at University. (He hates having his photo taken as you can see). He is currently completing his bachelor of cyber security.

Gabe makes a mean cup of coffee to soothe our overworked hands and assists to keep Renascent Bath & Body online, up to date and fixes problems that are beyond us mere mortals. 

Our Makers:

We have a team of people independently running their own creative businesses, that assist us to manufacture our goods, create soaps (for our larger orders) and come up with amazing creative ideas on a weekly if not daily basis with us.


Our Customers:
We are delighted and honoured to share with so many talented creators. We love the stories behind their / YOUR small or large business.

We have creators who are Makers in:
Soap, Candles, Hand made Guitars, Violins, Model Trains, Model Planes, Boats, Car Decals, Nail technicians, Scrapbookers, Stamp makers, Artists, Restorers of Grammophones, Kitchen Builders, Surfboards, Decorative Ceramics, Plaques for parks and gardens, Road Signs, Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, Memorial Services, Divers, Food Artists, Cosmetics, Lip Balms, Bath Products, Skin Care, Concrete Sculptures, Books, Book Binding, Ink, Knife Makers, Gardeners and many more areas.

We are delighted to support such a wide range of cottage and larger businesses and we love hearing your stories and seeing your pictures, thanks for sharing with us.


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