Kyanite Blade Gemstone Crystals x 10


Beautiful rare and unique natural Kyanite crystals


  • These are truly unique and unusual crystals of kyanite
  • Each one measures approximately 10mm to 30mm 
  • It is rare to find kyanite in such small perfect blades,
  • The sizes will vary slightly from piece to piece that will be between approximately 6 mm to 25 mm each By 5 to 10 mm wide
  • Perfect to add bell caps and turn into jewellery or pendulums  or perhaps create interesting artforms or maybe even just for collectors
  • A ruler is in the image to enable you to determine the exact size of the stones.
  • These are really special little treasures, usually you do not find these sweet little gems in this form, they are usually much larger gems or crystal clusters
  • Please note, we will be making a selection from a bundle for you and the actual shapes, colours and stones may vary slightly

Hold in your hand and roll around to release their soothing healing properties

Great for any budding gemmologist, to build a collection or just to look pretty.

Most children love pretty coloured stones (caution, not for young children as small stones may present a choking hazard)