Yowah Nut Matrix Boulder Opal x 10


10 Assorted Rough Specimens of Boulder Opal From Yowah Queensland - Great Value!   RRP - $4-16 each piece - Your price $1.49!

Depending on size & quality -  even at only $6 each - & that would be REALLY cheap - that's $60 value - you are getting 10! 

That's a huge selection - it will make any crystal healer or budding gem collector thrilled!

Let us choose a lovely selection for you - at a great price!

These pieces are approximately 20-80mm each & beautiful quality. Some may be gem cutting quality, however most are better for collectors or healing. What a great gift for anyone who loves gems.

Why so cheap ($1.49 each) ?
This selection may not have colour flashes, generally they are Opal matrix (lovely patterns of brown swirls), although some may have colour - generally those ones are popped into the individual listings (at a much higher price)

Specimens are lovely in shades different brown matrix (some may have flashes of veined color). Varying sizes. Beautiful quality, From Australia. Lovely quality & unusual gems for collectors.

If you are after beautiful colour flashes for cutting, please take a look at our individual opal listings or ask us for details on others available not listed.

The gems in the image are a hand full from a large barrel & yours may vary from the ones shown in the above image & may vary in their appearance.

Some information on your pieces:

  • Boulder Opal
  • I hand collected these pieces from years of fossicking in Sth Queensland from a place called Yowah
  • They are known as Yowah nuts as often they appear to have a 'nut' of opal inside them - in the above picture on 1 specimen (top left) you can see this 'nut' formation 
  • They are also known as set in 'Matrix' opal
  • You may see they brownish nut formations or on some they will have delicate banding of colored opal running throughout - sometimes in lines other times as scattered patterns of Opal
  • Many, many more - this photo really isn't the best. It was a hot day and the gems were slightly wet & the photo was taken simply looking into a drum. We will choose a lovely selection for you!

*PLEASE NOTE: To bring a real sparkle to the gems in the above pictures - wet them to show off their true colors, this can be achieved easily with water, hair lacquer, varnish or polishing. 

With other items, sometimes a hand or a coin will be in the picture, simply to show the size more clearly (the coin is not included with the listing).

To offset - Negative: Angered easily, pessimistic, set back by own negative thoughts, feel like life is not moving forwards.  

To create - Positive: Increase psychic awareness, spontaneity, sensitivity, calms overwrought states, brings joy & creativity. Draws hidden emotions to the surface to deal with.