Soap Pigment Bricks for soaps, Non Bleeding Colours


Lovely colours - Soap Brick Dyes for MELT & POUR GLYCERINE SOAP

If you are just getting started, you may not wish to purchase all the bottles of soap dyes.

We have made it easy for you by deeply colouring the clear melt and pour soap and pouring into SOAP BRICKS

Whilst food dyes can be used in soap making they will fade under certain circumstances (eg - red fades in sunlight, blue in moonlight) and do not offer the depth of color dyes manufactured for craft making do, also food colours in a 2 coloured soap will "bleed" into each other, in a short time instead of a red and white soap - it will be all pink. These dyes will not fade easily nor bleed.

These high quality dyes are beautifully for crafters and will last for ages:

  • SOAP BRICK Dyes - ***NEW*** - Easy use! Simply shave offas much as you like and add to your soap base to colour up!
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • Each brick is approximately 50mm x 25mm and will colour 1-4 soaps depending on depth of colour required
  • Great value & even better savings in a complete set
  • If you are wanting to make lots of soap you would be better off to look at our liquid dyes, however, if you are just wanting to have a 'try' or make a few soaps, you will get all 4 colours in 1 purchase
  • Add as many dyes as you like and pay no more in shipping fees
  • We also have liquid concentrated dye colours in another listing
  • Specifially made for soap / Crafts

We also sell the dyes individually & in 30ml / 500ml / 1 litre bottles for larger use. 

Renascent Soap dyes are pure pigment soap dyes

  • They are created to work in all bath and toiletry products.
  • They are stable in low and high ph environments.
  • They can be used in cold process soap making, lotions, smelly jellies, creams and gel products

 Each dye can be used by the drop or by mixing in water which will provide flexibility to either directly undiluted or mixed with liquids 

To blend with water: add 1ml of dye to approximately 250ml water - this will provide a strong vivid colour, alternatively, just add a few drops directly to your bath product

Why use the Renascent dyes over food dyes / Cheap dyes ?

  • Our dyes are stable
  • The colours will not "bleed" into each other (Food dyes & inferior quality dyes will "bleed" into each other eg - if you made a layered red and white soap, in a week or 3 it would all be pink)
  • They will not easily fade (Food dyes will fade easily in certain circumstances, eg - blue fades in moonlight, red fades in sunlight)
  • They are of the highest quality
  • Long shelf life
  • Are stable and non toxic
  • You only need 1-2 drops in many cases - your dyes will last for ages
  • Water soluable - easy to use
  • Perfect quality for the best soap making
  • A few drops blended through bathing salts will distribute evenly and provide a long lasting all over colours (other dyes may set into some bath salts and then not blend easily through the rest making your prodfuct "patchy")
  • Blend beautifully with the shimmer powders

*Caution, these dyes will stain most objects, please take care not to spill when using