5ml Round Clear Pots + Lids


 3-10ml ROUND CLEAR POTS & Lids  - 5ml - Use for Lip Balm, Make up, Craft, Beads, Glitter, Mineral Powders, jewellery, cracker gifts 


Depending on weight of item, these pots will hold 1-10ml of product


These are fabulous as you can pour your lip balm into the packaging, allow to cool, close the lid, stack them into tubes if you like and then they are already packaged. Add a label and you're good to go.

Your beautiful clear pot:

  • Perfect for many uses:
  • Fill with lip balm, cosmetics, beads, glitter, mineral powders, soap shimmers, flower petals, confetti, glitter
  • Perfect party favours for childrens / adults parties
  • A terrific size to add into Christmas bon bon crackers with treasures inside
  • Can easily be coloured, have art pieces stuck on the outside, labelled
  • Approx' size is 30mm X15mm high
  • Really unique way of presenting gifts for any event - fill them as you like and stack into a tube if more than 1 is required for the guest to take as they leave.
  • Children will be thrilled with a party favour like this - perhaps add tiny sweets, little toys, jewellery, etc
  • If you have some tiny supplies you are always looking for this is a great way of storing them as you can stack them all together & keep in 1 place
  • Build the favours up into a tube
  • Perfect for corporate events too
  • MAKE YOUR OWN LIP BALM - Renascent sells an all natural skin care / balm base in 170ml jars (that's a lot of lip balm! - over 30 pots) for $8.50 - just add flavours (these will be added very soon, do not use fragrant or essential oils for lip balm), a edible colourant (if desired), melt together, pour into pot and there you have it, beautiful, natural lip balm- that smells and tastes delicious.
    Beautifully moisturising for the lips
  • MAKE YOUR OWN PERFUME BALM - use the above method, substituting a little essential oil or perfume to the balm, dab on to the skin - gorgeous - think how many pots of perfume balm you can make for such a little cost - great for markets or gifts (these sell in stores for $12.95 - $89.95 each !!!) A great cost effective gift or new business at a market stall!
  • MAKE YOUR OWN LABELS - Purchase our water slide decal paper & you can easily make your own clear labels to go on your pots - perfect! or look at the Glossy Printable Adhesive Label Papers in whiter or clear.
  • The above images are examples of lip balm that is made up, your pots are brand new and empty.
  • STORE YOUR SHIMMER POWDERS - If you are purchasing all the wonderful shimmer powders for craft/soap/candles/skin care from Renascent. These are great pots to store them in.
  • STORE YOUR CRAFT SUPPLIES - Perfect for those tiny little items, including glitter, beads, sparkles, etc
  • Please note some of the images may show the pots that could be stacked the ones we have in stock at the moment are not stackable.