Activated Charcoal Liquid Body Wash Soap Base (Palm Free)


Gloriously Dark, Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap Base

IF MARKED AS OUT OF STOCK - JUST ASK, We can make it up for you!

Pre-blended with Activated Charcoal. A delightful liquid moisturising soap base.

A lovely smooth looking base that has all the lovely benedits of Activated Charcoal.

A lovely base with only 6 ingredients, simple, SLS free, Palm Free, lovely thin consistency.

*PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally 10L + may take 1 week to make up for you - if urgent, please speak to us to confirm availability

Body Wash Liquid Soap Base

Product Description

This Body Wash / Hand Wash Base is fully formulated, mild and is pre-thickened. Simply requires the addition of organic fragrance or essential oils. Perfect to add to Melt & Pour Base to allow it to be whipped or piped.

As the Body Wash base is quite thick, it may be diluted to provide twice the quantity or used in foamy bottles which will yield 3 x the quantity. 

Take a respite from your commercial soaps, your skin will love it


  • Has a natural Black colour.
  • No thickening required.
  • Fully formulated base, only requiring addition of organic fragrance or essential oils, with slow stirring. Pre-heating is not essential but warming to 25– 40oC may speed up dissolution.
  • Can be adapted for skin types through selection of the additives.

    Special Features: 

    • Add 50% to 50% Melt and pour soap, allow to cool slightly to "whip" soaps
    • Mix with Cornstarch or our Soap Dough Powder to make FLUBBER soaps

    Ingredients: Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES),  Cocoamidopropyle Betaine, Ethylene Glycol, Monostearate, Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder.

    *Pourable, Mix with Soap Dough Powder to make flubber soap or MP to whip for piping.