Amethyst Tiny Point Gemstone Crystals x 20


20 X AMETHYST CRYSTALS gem stones, rare Purple, Natural

Beautiful little gems, natural crystals and unpolished

Natural pale Purple Colours

Hold in your hand and roll around to release their soothing healing properties

Great for any budding gemmologist, to build a collection or just to look pretty.

Most children love pretty coloured stones (caution, not for young children as small stones may present a choking hazard)

A ruler is in the image to enable you to determine the exact size of the stones.
Copy the image to your computer and then enlarge it to get a better picture of these items!

  • New
  • 20┬áStones
  • Natural Colours
  • Approximate size 5-10mm each
  • These are really special little treasures, usually you do not find these sweet little gems in this form, they are usually much larger gems or crystal clusters
  • Please note, we will be making a selection from a bundle for you and the actual shapes, colours and stones may vary slightly

The following healing properties is an extract taken (with permission) from the book - Crystal & Gem Healing by Lesley Mitchell (also available for purchase - a perfect compliment if giving your gemstones as a gift)


Regal deep purple, Amethyst conveys calmness and nobility. A wonderful gem to alleviate insomnia and to quiet the mind, at the same time stimulating intuition and spiritual awakening. Due to this ability and its powerful healing properties, Amethyst is excellent to be used during meditation or any form of psychic development skills. It is also excellent to assist in alleviating headaches when placed on the forehead.

Amethyst produces a psychologically cleansed and cooled sensation. Wonderful to eliminate non constructive notions from the mind and bring clear insight through dreams, also assisting tone muscles and increasing resistance to disease and infections.

When used with Ruby or Bloodstone and placed over the area of a blood clot, Amethyst in this combination has been found to clear the obstruction, sometimes permanently other times the treatment may need to be periodically repeated.

Amethyst is also good to soften stubbornness and calm and quiet those who appear over bossy or hyperactive.

For those who find Quartz Crystal too powerful to initially work with, Amethyst may be preferred as it produces a much gentler effect.

CHAKRA: Third Eye, Crown