Amethyst Tumbled polished (Larger pieces)


Delicate Purple Amethyst, Harmonising beautiful pieces, Great colors, Perfect quality, lovely Crystal Healing. 

Tumbled AMETHYST Gemstones, Crystals

From our showroom - NEW!!. Whether you use as jewellery, healing, gem trees, tip into a bowl, crystal healing or collections - a terrific item!

I have seen tumbled gems retailing at over $10 each - you are getting 4 with this purchase! That's terrific value.

  • Excellent quality for cutting or terrific for crystal healers!
  • Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on the mantlepiece. A lovely gift for all
  • SIZE: Approx 20-40mm each (Approximately 10gms each
  • 200gm pack may contain around 20 pieces
  • 400gm pack may contain around 40 pieces
  • This bulk lot is packaged by weight and depending on sizes of stones the quantity can therefore vary, may look a little paler in daylight (these photos are taken under bright light)
  • Amethyst
  • Your selection may vary slightly to those shown in the image