Antibacterial Insecticidal Pet Shampoo Liquid Soap Base


Antibacterial Pet / Pooch Shampoo Liquid Wash Soap Base - NOW AVAILABLE in a NATURAL Colour - Palm Free!

  • Antibacterial - kills germs
  • Insecticidal - get rid of pests from your pet & keep them away
  • Keep your pets and you clean and safe
  • Pourable, Clearish Colour, lovely general use soap base for your pets.
  • Specially formulated to be used on delicate pets skin and fur
  • An easy pour clear liquid soap that can be used as a Pets Body Wash.
  • Lightly scented, Clear transparent colour. 
  • Dogs / Dog, Cats / Cat, Horses, etc
  • Shampoo for animal fur, leaving it soft, clean and silky.
  • Think of it like Hand sanitiser / Sanitizer for your pet

Wet coat, run a thin trail of shampoo down backbone of animal. Massage well into the coat. Rinse off with warm water and towel dry.

Sensitivity: Always test for suitability on your pet in a small area before use.

Take a respite from your commercial soaps, your pets will love it

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Lauryl Ethoxy Sulphate, Cocamido Propylbetaine, Coconut Diethanolamine, Glycerine, Dye, Methylchloroisthiazolionone, Methylisothiazolinone

*Caution, keep out of eyes in case of irritation, always test a small skin areas firstly for any irritation or skin sensitivity