AquaSolid Casting Powder


AquaSolid Casting powder is an extremely hard plaster material with a very high compressive strength.

Make your masters for moulds or finished products. We use this or Hydrostone for all our carved masters we make the silicone moulds from.

(AquaSolid Casting powder is Australian, Hydrostone is from USA)

Especially suitable where high strength and resistance to wear are necessary. It is used in high-quality art and novelty castings, molds, figurines, modeling material, as well as anchoring material, density fill applications, lamp bases, and die production.

Hard and strong with high water absorption resistance.

Ideal for patterns, figurines, commercial casts, and sculpture. It is not for making outer or mother molds, and it is not recommended for outdoor use.

Designed for strength and casting detail. AquaSolid Casting powder is harder than casting plaster and works much like plaster in mixing, pouring, and setting.

Works well in silicone moulds, plaster and most flexible moulding compounds. Used in high-quality art novelty and statuary castings.

Extremely fine detail duplication (see the details on the succulent leaves image, it even picked up the tiny dots).

Low viscosity slurry for filling multiple moulds at one time.

Works well in most mold materials, especially flexible molds.

Mix Ratio: Approximately 2:3, eg 200gms water to 300gms AquaSolid Casting powder, although this can vary
Set time: 19-25 minutes

To use: Blend 3 parts AquaSolid Casting powder to 2 part water, the mix should be just able to  be poured out, too thick - just add a little more water, mix well, pour into mould and tap to remove air bubbles. Allow to set. Will firm up over 24 hours but can be removed from mould once set. Can be polished and carved. If using master regularly you can also spray varnish to add further strength.

A workable mix is normally 65-70 gauge (100 parts AquaSolid Casting powder with 65-70 parts water by weight). AquaSolid Casting powder gives maximum strength when it is mixed with a minimum amount of water. Moulds should be thoroughly cleaned and coated with a release agent where appropriate.

Tip: When mixing it can initially look very thick, keep blending before adding more water as it does liquify up through work time.

SAFETY NOTE: Always wear gloves, mask and eye protection, do not ingest the powder, keep out reach of children. If spilt on benches wipe up immediately with damp cloth - do not allow to set as it will turn into stone. Protect benches and floors when using.
Renascent cannot be held liable for any damages that occur by using this powder.

Used in accordance with material safety data sheet hydrostone is the strongest gypsum available it is used for figurines moulds lamp bases simulated stone material and models it's high compressive strength and tight surface texture makes it the ideal product for high-quality figurines

• AquaSolid Casting powder has an initial set of approximately 25 minutes.
• Any moulds should be cleaned and coated with a release agent where possible.
• Use only clean domestic water.
• Mixing equipment must be thoroughly cleaned after each mix.
• Fresh batches of AquaSolid Casting powder should be kept free of previous batches, otherwise the working life will be shortened.
• AquaSolid Casting powder does NOT recommend casting parts of the body (fingers, hands) with Casting Plaster. AquaSolid Casting powder and other Specialty products release heat (exothermic) when reacting with water. The heat produced by this chemical
reaction (setting) of plaster with water is a risk if casting parts of the body.

Store AquaSolid Casting powder in a dry place. Do not place bags directly on concrete floors or damp ground. Long term storage may affect the plaster setting time and finish quality.

Do not wash down drains (it may set in the pipes and cause damage)
Eyes flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes
Indigestion if gastric disturbance occurs call physician product can harden and result in setting, wash with soap and water
Inhalation provide fresh air
Seek medical attention if any of the above symptoms persist
Always wear gloves safety goggles and protective mask when using