Baby Sleeping Silicone Mould


Hush little baby, sshhhhh, the dear little one is sleeping

For: Resin/Soap/Candles/Melts,crafts

Crafts, fun, Silicone Soap Mould Great details

look at the other images above too!

Approximate SIZE of finished soap: 40mm wide X 60mm Long 

Really high quality unique embed soap mould

  • 1 Shape in the mould Super cute
  • This is a SMALL mould, you can use it for guest soaps, soap toppers or embeds, look at the other images to see the measurements and ideas
  • Pour your melted, coloured and scented soap into the shape until it is filled (or as much as you like), Allow to set, unmould 
  • You could also try: Dusting Renascent coloured shimmer powder into the mould and then filling with melted coloured Renascent soap base to the first layer, allowing to set, spritz with isopropyl alcohol and then pour the 2nd layer in melted different coloured soap base.